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Chevrah Shas of the Aur Torah Sephardic Minyan of Staten Island Completes Meschtas Megillah

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Chevrah Shas of the Aur Torah Sephardic Minyan of Staten Island Completes Meschtas Megillah

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On April 25, 2023, at a gala dinner the Aur Torah Sephardic Minyan of Staten Island in the New Springville section of Staten Island celebrated the completion of the study and Siyum of Meschtas Megillah.  “As a Rabbi I cannot begin to explain how proud I am of our Chevrah Shas under the leadership of our highly respected President Oshri Reuven accomplishments. Mr. Reuven assembled a group of serious people who have dedicated themselves to learning with me Shas and I am proud to say rain or shine we gather together to learn Torah. Their commitment to Torah is inspiring and it gives me the energy and enthusiasm to push through the difficult passages of the Gemarah and together as a group we glean the brilliance of our Torah and the deep explanations of our Sages. All I can say to the Chevrah Shas is thank you for your dedication and commitment to learning and I look forward to our continued growth and the mastery of the entire Shas together,” so said, Rabbi Aharon Zeev, Mara D’Atra of Aur Torah Sephardic Minyan.”

Oshri Reuven, proudly thanked Rabbi Zeev and stated, “Many of us at Aur Torah are new to Gemarah and some of us have an extensive background in learning. The great challenge our great Rabbi faces is balancing the needs of the Chevrah Shas in a way we can learn together as a group. Rabbi Zeev is a master teacher, a patient Rebbe who cares about the needs of every participant in the group to have a proper and deep grasp of the material being learnt. Not only that, the Rabbi is always available for further study and meeting with us individually one on one to review and to explore in greater and further detail. It is this gift of Rabbi Zeev that causes the Chevra Shas to eagerly look forward to each class given by our beloved Rabbi. We look forward to our continued growth as a Chevra Shas and a Torah community which can only be accomplished through learning Torah. I am amazed how inspiring our Rabbi is and I welcome our community members who have not joined to come to our Chevra Shas and to learn the beauty of our Torah from our Rabbi. You will only enhance your life and gain a deeper respect and appreciation for our heritage.”

Mendy Mirocznik, President of the Council of Jewish Organizations of Staten Island remarked, “I had the great honor and privilege of attending this important Siyum on Meschtas and I attempt to attend as many Torah classes with Rabbi Zeev as I can. When I am fortunate to attend I feel privileged that I gain insight into learning from a seasoned first-class Talmud Chacham who cares about teaching Torah and demonstrating the beauty of Mitzvoth. Rabbi Zeev has the unique ability to teach to every level of knowledge. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner or Rabbi you will always walk way satisfied and with new knowledge and insight. Rabbi Zeev I cannot thank you enough. I am proud to call you a Rebbe. From your support of COJO and advocacy of our social services and food pantry to learning you demonstrated a care for a person’s physical and spiritual growth and well-being. I thank you Rabbi Zeev and look forward to developing a deeper relationship with you which will be beneficial to us individually and communally as well.”



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