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Army Vet Will Schweitzer to Run in Dem Primary Against NY’s Sen. Gillibrand

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By:  Benyamin Davidsons

Army veteran William Schweitzer has announced his intention to run in the 2024 Democratic primary, with hopes to unseat “out of touch” New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

A self-described progressive “corruption fighter”, Schweitzer, a Rochester native, and Hobart graduate told the Post that, “Gillibrand’s record is underwhelming for a senator from New York.”  As reported by the NY Post, Schweitzer, served in the 75th Ranger Regiment, where he completed multiple combat tours in Afghanistan, “witnessing firsthand the challenges faced by our nation’s foreign policy.”  “I am a ranger. As a ranger, you are the tip of the spear in every way.  There’s high standards and high expectations. People rely on you,” said Schweitzer.

The 35-year-old currently lives in Battery Park City in downtown Manhattan with his wife and two young sons.  He founded a tech firm, named Schweitzer Laboratories, which created a platform to combat political corruption and foreign influence in elections.  The company has worked with NASA, IBM, Mastercard, Amazon Web Services, LexisNexis, and other well-known companies.  “While Will is proud of the specific goals accomplished via his company, his experience running a high-tech startup during the COVID-19 pandemic gave him deep understanding of the challenges small businesses are facing today,” a campaign statement said.

His campaign topics include supporting laws to end gun violence, public funding of political campaigns, protecting abortion right and women’s rights, supporting Medicare for all, incentives to urge more Americans to join the military, and eliminating the $10,000 federal cap on state and local tax deductions.  His agenda also includes pushing for paid family leave of a whole “12 months splittable by both parents”.  Schweitzer previously worked for NY Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer’s Rochester district office, and was deputy press secretary for ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s 2018 re-election campaign. “I am not someone who has ever had anything handed to me, nor have I ever worked in public service through anything other than merit based grit – “fully acknowledging the hazards of my chosen profession” and putting my life on the line in service to our nation,” he said in a Tweet on May 27.

Schweitzer echos claims that Sen. Gillibrand has been missing in action.  “She’s out of touch. It’s necessary for someone to step up and hand her a primary. It’s long overdue. The position was given to her by Gov. Paterson,” Schweitzer said, noting that Former Gov. David Paterson had first appointed Gillibrand in 2009 to fill the Senate seat vacated by Hillary Clinton when the later became Secretary of State. Formerly an upstate congresswoman, Gillibrand never faced a serious Democratic primary challenger, but rather rolled into elections against Republicans in the heavily Blue state.

Schweitzer is not the first to attack Gillibrand, alleging she’s been MIA. Former Rep. Lee Zeldin ripped the senator, while he was running for governor. “Gillibrand is “one of the laziest, most forgettable unaccomplished senators in the country. It is a wasted Senate seat,” Zeldin said.  “New Yorkers are getting rolled and screwed, because we have a senator who is not doing a good job representing all of us in New York,” the Republican added.

“What underwhelms about Sen. Gillibrand’s record is her all too apparent opportunistic pandering to progressive issues of today, as well as a striking lack of foresight in matters of foreign affairs and national security,” Schweitzer wrote in a recent Tweet.

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