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For the First Time, Masbia of Flatbush Will Be Open for the Seder and The Rest of The Holiday Meals

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(TJV)  The Masbia of Flatbush located on Coney Island Avenue that serves hot meal kosher meals to the needy free of charge throughout the year, will convert its kitchen for the first time to serve in-house Kosher for Passover meals for the upcoming eight days of holiday.

While many have a list of who will sit at their Passover tables or an invitation to sit at someone else’s, not everyone is so lucky. Imagine a person who wasn’t invited by anyone – not a friend, relative, neighbor or congregation – to join their Seder. Or a person who is physically unable to prepare their own Seder. To fill this gap, Masbia of Flatbush will be open for communal, in-house, Passover Seders.

There are also those who do get invited to a Seder, but they still need food the rest of the eight days of Passover. So, this year, Masbia of Flatbush will be open for in-house meals for the middle days of Passover, as well.

Throughout the year, Masbia’s aim is to feed the hungry with dignity and respect. Every year, during the Passover season, Masbia experiences an increase in demand and this year, with the cost of food still at a historical high, the demand is even greater. With the Flatbush location being open for the entire Passover holiday for in-house, communal meals, Masbia will be able to feed more people during what is an important time for observant Jews.

In the lead-up to the Passover holiday, Masbia will be sending out thousands of raw food packages to people’s homes via their partnership with DoorDash. It is estimated that close to 50,000 people will be relying on Masbia for food this Passover season, with the logistics and planning for such an undertaking having actually begun quite some time ago.

In addition to their Charost Drive, Masbia has started a crowd-funding campaign to sponsor the in-house communal meals that will be served during Passover at Masbia of Flatbush. To make reservations for the Seder and/or any of the other in-house, communal Passover meals, call David Shapiro at 929-568-7532. www.masbiaofflatbush.org/passover2023

File photos of the tables set for the Passover Seder at Masbia of Boro Park a few years ago

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