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Time to Reveal the Truth About Chinese Spy Balloons

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With this latest smattering of mysterious objects invading our air space and Canada’s over the last couple of weeks and the response we’ve gotten from our elected and appointed leaders, we really don’t know to laugh, cry or to just hide under the bed. As an example, the four star U.S. general overseeing North American airspace said Saturday, when questioned whether he had ruled out an extraterrestrial origin for these floating objects tracked and shot down by warplanes, Gen. Glan VanHerck said: “’I’ll let the intel community and the counterintelligence community figure that out. I haven’t ruled out anything.” They may really be aliens? Madness!

And then following that revelation of stupidity, on Sunday, Senator Chuck Schumer, the last guy you’d bend over to listen to, told us that he’d been told that the objects shot down were likely balloons. All this from buffoons. And then he chimed in, that China, who actually admitted that the first UFO was a orphaned weather thing-a-ma-jig, had been “humiliated” because its device was shot down. Rather, they were choking with laughter at our handling of these apparitions. Apparently, the American public is not being told anything about these situations.

Dangerous secrecy. We are left to our own devices, leading us to concoct situations which don’t exist. Our billion $ intelligence agencies didn’t disclose the presence of the first balloon until civilians spotted it over Montana. At first it was “no threat” and then it was shot down after political criticism and President Biden’s reassurance that it was “not a major breach.” So why shoot it down? Then to cover its you know what, the Administration leaked to its media buddies that the Trump (here we go again) Administration had tolerated such balloon intrusions and later had to retract this lie. Political.

Add to this domestic intrusion secrecy the reluctance of this administration to reveal to the public just where our funds handed over the Ukraine are ending up. Rumors of corruption in that battle scarred land are growing that the oligarchs who run that nation are dumping huge sums into their bank accounts in Geneva and Zurich. Knowing that Ukraine was, prior to the Russian invasion, the most corrupt on the continent, why not follow the money trail of our hand-outs to them? Has the Biden Crime Family’s interests with that nation anything to do with our financial and military support? If there are plans to hire 67,000 new IRS agent to scrutinize middle income Americans’ finances, why not those of the Ukraine’s?

When Biden took office he told us that his would be the most open, transparent, truthful one ever. Yet we’ve been told that the border was closed, that there was no crime pandemic spreading across our nation, that our educational system was tops in the world, that we had a free and open election, that Donald Trump was a Putin agent and that we no longer needed to be energy independent. Our concern is that Biden, his elected and appointed honchos are keeping the blindfolds over our eyes leading to insecurity, rumors and concern that things are not what they appear to be. And that’s not what our democracy is based on. So let’s hear the truth about what these UFO’s are all about, where they came from and how we plan to handle the nation or nations sending them out. And let it start now!

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