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Letters to the Editor

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Nervous About Biden’s Incompetence

Dear Editor:

Why is our President still in command? He’s obviously not mentally competent to control the nation. Nearly 400 million of us are under his dangerous domination. One wonders just how long before he has a complete meltdown in front of a world-wide viewing audience at one of his infrequent appearances? His wife and staff are to blame for this situation. They all knew that he was unprepared physically and mentally for the job to lead us. They put all of us in jeopardy of being gobbled up by China and our other enemies around the world.

I fear waking up each morning and finding out that he’s been affected by some ailment, is in the ER and that Kamala has taken over the top seat in our government. From the frying pan, into the fire. May G-d help us!

Irma Cohen


No One Wants to Hear This

Dear Editor:

Today, someone sent me an article about Iran’s plans to target Jewish leaders around the world if Israel dares attack Iran.

The person who sent it my way is now worried. “What can we do?”

Yesterday, another person kept asking me: “What should we do, what can we do?”

“To stop Iran from “mapping” Jewish leaders everywhere or to educate all those, especially in the West, who might be pleased that Iran might do this?”

Merely rhetorical questions.

And so, rather recently, and rather suddenly, at least these two Jews were concerned with the lethal lies, the propaganda, that has now succeeded in turning what seems to be the entire world against the Jews and against Jewish Israel—aka, allegedly, the “Nazi, apartheid” state, the Jew of the world.

They are waking up—but do not know what to do. At least they understand that such hatred has always led to the humiliation and segregation of individual Jews, especially students and professors; to physical attacks against visible Jews globally; to the desecration and bombing of Jewish synagogues, cemeteries, schools, and centers; and, eventually, to all-out Jihad-style pogroms against Israeli civilians which consist of stabbing, car-ramming, shooting, exploding rockets, fire-kites, bombing, etc.

I don’t want to demoralize those new to the fight but I also won’t lie.

I, and a handful of precious others, have been trying to warn Jewish and Israeli civilians, academics, human rights activists, friends, the heads of Jewish organization, UN personnel, European NGOS, anti-Islamist Muslims, about what Jew hatred is and what it does. For this, I’ve (and others) have been dis-invited, denounced, defamed—or never even invited. Still, we all kept trying.

And now, in my not-so-humble opinion, it is too late. The Jews and Israel have lost—game over—The Big Lies have triumphed. We are fully encircled by hatred, the kind of hatred that always has, in the past, led to indescribable violence, exile, murder, and even genocide. Although I’ve been calling for an Iron Dome against the Big Lies since 2012, as yet, none exists.

The same Jewish-American organizations that failed us in terms of the truth, are only now trying to say what I and some marginalized others, said in the early 1970s, 1980s, the 1990s, and more intensely all through the 21st century. They are fighting each other for the funding dollar. And for their pensions.

May God bless the IDF. But it cannot fight the propaganda.

When people ask for my advice I’ve come to ask: “Can you hack? Can you remove the toxic hatred from the thousands of websites where it lives? Again and again? And replace it with the truth, again and again?”

This is the answer that I invariably get: “But hacking is illegal!

So was Auschwitz. And yet there it stood, smoking souls into ashes around the clock. So are all the terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians—and the Islamist Jihad attacks against civilians everywhere.

Prof. Phyllis Chesler


Jewish Affiliation with the Democratic Party

Dear Editor:

Why do Jews still affiliate with the Democrat Party? Aren’t they aware that this group is now openly hostile to Israel? Do they know that Ilhan Omar, who Republican Speaker of the House, McCarthy removed from her seat on the Foreign Relations Committee, called American Jews traitors and that their “Benjamins” dominate the Congress? Basically, that “rich Jews, with their money control the decisions of our leaders. This is basic Jew Hating at its worst. And to add to this fomenting of Anti-Semitism, are the Jewish/Democrat House members, who voted unanimously to have her keep her seat. Basically, they supported her comments. Why do Jews still vote for these faux Jews? Toss them out!

Bernice Grendel
Merrick, NY


Situation is Mind Boggling

Dear Editor,

This situation in which we’re in now, with unidentified flying objects all over the place, the shooting down of toy balloons at one half million dollars each in military costs and the lack of information we’re given, leads me to believe our nation is being led by either a bunch of morons, misfits or plain enemy agents. This cannot be tolerated for another moment. What happened to our government being run by at least those with a basic understanding of what it takes to lead and make judgments beneficial to the people? This situation is mind boggling and has to be addressed at the next election cycle. At this rate, we are doomed.

Ben Adelson


Train Derailment in Ohio

Dear Editor:

My heart goes out to those people in Ohio, who were the victims of the recent train derailment that spewed tons of cancer causing chemicals into the air they breathe, the water they drink and the ground they grow crops on and on which their kids play. To add to this Chernobly-like horror, is the non-concerned reactions of our elected and appointed federal officials.  Especially, the attitude of Peter Buttigieg, who seems to treat this situation as equivalent to spilling a soft drink on a carpet. “Just let it sink in and all will be well.” Sheer lunacy that will surely result in hundreds if not more deaths due to this environmental disaster.

David Brunner

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