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Letters to the Editor

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The NY Times Blames Jews for Being Murdered

Dear Editor:

“New York Times: Terror attacks are ‘spasms of violence’ fueled by Israel’s ‘extremist’ gov’t.” A.G. Sulzberger, owner of this rag, is blaming Jews for being murdered. I am unsure if this amoral, immoral, unethical, without conscience, rag of a newspaper can sink any lower.

In my Blog, “On Kristallnacht, a (Final) Solution for NY Times’ Zionist Smears”, The Times of Israel:  “Exec.Dir.  Andrea Levin, “The aim of the ad (Camera.org’s billboards in NYC) was to bring attention to the deplorable role of the NY Times today in failing to cover the full facts about antisemitism and actually fueling hostility towards Jews with its incessant, false and inflammatory depictions of Israel.”   See the list of their Big Vicious Lies, requiring retractions,corrections:


The NY Times’ Soiled Selective Amnesia Never Mentions:

“Abbas: All Israel Is An “Occupation.


Since 1947, Israel has been seeking a two-state solution. But these so-called ‘Palestinian’ Arabs refuse to accept the Jewish state, refuse peace offers, refuse to negotiate. That is the true obstacle to peace.

You deliberately ignore their Islamic Jihad Jew hate speech for all to read on Palestinian Media Watch, https://palwatch.org/:

You hire guest editors who call for an end to Israel and its nuclear capacity to defend itself from the genocidal intentions of Islamic Hamas, funded by the Islamic Republic of Iran. Without a Jewish State, a home to flee to, Jews will eventually no longer be able to…be Jews. Perhaps this too is a longer term goal of the NY Times?

The NY Times would prefer Jews to be pitiful, weak and powerless, as more acceptable. We do not. We demand you hire fair but pro-Israel journalists to refute your lies and distortions.

We demand you circulate to your entire staff,  the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance working definition of antisemitism to distinguish antisemitism from legitimate criticism.

We are, and will hold you accountable.

Ginette Weiner


Thinks Super Bowl was “Unmitigated Disaster”

Dear Editor:

I’m so happy I’m a professional sports fan. This week’s Super Bowl was an unmitigated disaster. From the racist hype that “two black quarterbacks” will be squaring off against each other for the first time,” was the beginning. Who cares about the color of an athlete’s skin? It’s the skill of the person, not the race that counts. But in a sport that has 80% of the participants being black, what’s the big deal? It’s understood, but not spoken, that blacks are great athletes; better when they compete, than whites. And that’s accepted by white fans, who in their interest in all sports, outnumber their black aficionados. So why, in exchange, don’t blacks accept the fact that whites are better at academics? Why the outcry for affirmative action in the fields of learning, in colleges, offices, management, etc., where whites predominate, for equity and inclusion “to make things equal?” Is there ever a demand to have more whites on the basketball courts, football or baseball fields? (Sorry about the use of “fields.”)

Martin Luther King said it best when he looked forward to the day when people are not judged by the color of their skin but by their performances and I’ll add, outcomes. When that happens, life will be better for all people, black, white, pink and every color of the rainbow.

Stanley Sloan
Queens, NY


Is There a Black “National Anthem”?

Dear Editor:

Why did they have to include “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” at the Super Bowl? This is acknowledged as the black national anthem. Maybe some did not know this. But for me and other millions of Americans, there is only one National Anthem that should be sung as often as possible at all public gatherings. To have a separate one for people of color, is lunacy. Jews don’t demand Hatikvah to be sung at sporting events.

The cameras were not focused on the teams as the songs were played and sung. Were there any athletes taking a knee for either song? I don’t imagine any white player disparaging the black national anthem as blacks do the Star Spangled Banner. Why not?

Gloria Helfand


Unnerved by Chinese Balloons

Dear Editor:

What’s going on with these balloons and things suddenly flying around the country? People are unnerved by the reactions of our officials who seemingly have no idea what’s going on or what to do. President Biden apparently is too involved in playing with his erector set or lead soldiers to have any interest. Are they Chinese, Russian, North Korean or sent up by jokesters to scare the heck out of all of us?

How come an ordinary civilian in Montana had to spot the first one and report it? Will he be awarded a prize in citizenship for his good deed? Where was our top-notch military or vaunted intelligence system who should have picked it up thousands of miles away in the Pacific before it became a household horror story and point of interest to all of us? Why were we told that it had to be permitted to cross over the heartland of the nation before it was shot down? Others thereafter, were taken down over land. Who is making up these fairy tales and concocted stories that are spoon fed to us all?

And what are our leaders going to do about this situation? When the culprit sender is discovered, whatever county, what actions will be taken? The public has a right to know and to feel secure. Right now there is no concern or effort on the part of any who control our nation to put our minds at rest. A sad day for us all.

Irene Salter


Miffed at Lack of GOP Support for Trump

Dear Editor:

Why don’t the Republicans all stand behind Donald Trump, to support his bid to run for the highest seat in the land in 2024? Look what he accomplished during his term in office although he endured four full years of smear and political attacks throughout. When my Democrat friends, relatives or acquaintances besmirch him I simply ask them; “Please tell me one domestic or international action of Trump with which you find fault and explain it to me.” They then go into apoplexy and run off screaming. Evidently, they have no answer so they turn into four year olds and the appropriate fits that they have. Trump, if elected will bring back sanity, strength and pride to our nation. We are losing all of that, each and every day that Biden and the Democrats rule our nation.

Arthur Scheindlin
Valley Stream, NY

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