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Israel Needs Better Deterrents to Stop Terrorism

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The situation in Israel with the Palestinian Authority ramping up terror against Jews is escalating, with no end in sight. This past Friday night, Holocaust Memorial Day, seven people were slaughtered and others wounded in Jerusalem, by a Palestinian gunman and on the following day, two other Israelis fell victim to Islamist terrorists. This has to stop and at all costs. This terror has gone on unmercifully  for nearly 78 years and now is the time to act to do so. Enter, National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir, who pledged to take “responsibility” and turn the tide of terror.

He made a firm commitment to resubmit legislation to institute a death penalty for terrorists. “Anyone who murders, harms and slaughters civilians should be sent to the electric chair.” Right now, the death penalty exists only on paper and it has only been enforced once since the birth of the Jewish state. The only person executed in all that time was Nazi war criminal, Adolph Eichmann. Today’s “war criminals” are Palestinian terrorists and they must suffer the same fate as Eichmann. Execution!

There is currently talk among Israeli leaders, as a solution, of giving the homes of terrorists to the families of their victims. Nonsense. What will they do with these properties? Move into Arab communities and mingle with the neighbors? No way. Instead, Israel’s Security Cabinet met this weekend and adopted more logical penalties that might restrain the growth of terror:

1- The homes of terrorists would be sealed off and then demolished.

2.- National Insurance rights and additional benefits for the families of terrorists will be revoked.

3.- They will discuss legislation to revoke the Israel identity cards of the families of terrorists that support terrorism.

The above suggestions seem to be supported by Prime Minister Netanyahu whose words reflected deep concern for his citizens’ safety and security. “Our response will be strong, swift and precise. Whoever tries to harm us we will harm then and everyone who assists them. This government will act against terrorism with vigor, determination and strength. We will do so calmly and with resolve. While we are not seeking escalation, we are prepared for any scenario,” he added. And consider, he uttered these words right after meeting with our visiting, wimpy, useless Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, who represents our president.

During their meetings, it’s been reported that Blinken rattled off a list of what our nation considers “democratic” values that include minority rights, the rule of law, a free press, an active civil society and the usual babble, “the rights of people to make their voices heard.” Our own top diplomat lectured Bibi that the two countries must hold themselves, “to the mutual standards we’e established.” In other words, he’s demanding Israel kiss the butts of the terrorist Palestinian Authority and bend to them as we do to our own criminal element in the States.

So, for instance he’s urging Netanyahu to follow the standards of dealing with criminality, including terror, as do the George Soros funded District Attorneys in Philadelphia, New York and San Francisco, who release murderers on the spot and permit felons to walk the streets to continue to terrorize law abiding Americans. But Netanyahu, a trained warrior and true, concerned leader of his people knows better.

He realizes he’s dealing with the Palestinian Authority, a terror led, terror based organization, whose philosophy and actions call for the death of Israel and the murder of Jews. He understands that the United States treats the Palestinians with kid gloves, as though they are a true national entity. Bibi knows that the day President Biden assumed his position, he re-instituted Obama’s financing of life long pensions to the families of Palestinian terrorists killed by or jailed for life by the Israelis. He’s no fool nor a follower. He will do all in his power to protect the lives of his people.

We support the new safety penalties against Palestinian terrorists that we hope and pray become the laws of the land. Harsh crimes require harsh and severe punishments in order to prevent and eradicate them.

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