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‘Ironheart’ Star Zoe Terakes: Disney Series Will Give ‘Little Trans Kids and Trans Teens Something to Look At and Know They Exist’

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David Ng

One of the stars of Disney’s upcoming Marvel series Ironheart has expressed hope that the show will appeal to transgender children and teens by giving them validation and something to emulate.

Zoe Terakes — who identifies as “non-binary” and “trans masculine,”and uses “they/them” pronouns — spoke to Collider about the series that is expected to debut on Disney+ later this year.

“I think as trans people, growing up I didn’t get to see myself anywhere, so I didn’t really know that I existed. And especially not in a superhero show or movie,” Terakes said. “And so I think I just feel deeply grateful and moved that little trans kids and trans teens have something to look at and to know they exist and to know that they can have superpowers, and that that’s where we belong.”

The star added: “We don’t just belong in trauma stories on the fringes dying in things, you know? We belong there with the big guys. So yeah, it meant a lot to me.”


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The Walt Disney Co. has experienced intense criticism for promoting transgenderism and gender non-conformity in its entertainment aimed at kids.

Under then-Disney CEO Bob Chapek, the company dedicated itself to radical LGBTQ activism and promised to continue fighting Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law, saying the company will work to get the legislation repealed.

Disney’s Marvel superhero series Loki recently revealed that its title character is “gender fluid.” The animated series Baymax featured a transgender “man” who menstruates. And Disney Channels’ Raven’s Home — a spinoff of That’s So Raven — recently introduced its first transgender character.

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