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DeSantis Stands Up Against Educational Racism

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We envy those of our readers who live under the protective umbrella of Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis. He’s a straight thinking shooter who knows how to lead and take care of his constituents. After setting the Disney empire back on its heels relevant to their interference in politics, he’s set his sights on the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT), White Oppression and the nonsense of “reparations” to every person who identifies him/herself as “black” and a descendant of slaves, in his state’s high school Advanced Placement (AP) Studies Program in African-American Studies. DeSantis is now effectively blocking this new high-school AP course in Florida on grounds that it’s jam-packed with CRT and other, worthless, nonsense packed racial crap. Good for him!

This propose radical “educational” program would have inflicted on students taking this course, such lunacy as to show support for paying thousands of dollars to those who claimed that slaves were their ancestors. This give-a-way program would cost trillions of bucks based on mere historical hearsay. Who has access to records of slaves and their descendants? Madness. This AP program would also focus on “Movements for Black Lives,” which glorifies the Black Lives Matter movement which has inflicted so much suffering that has led to the deaths of hundreds of innocents murdered during the infamous “2020 Racial Riots” that torched cities. Then there’s the lunacy of “Black Queer Studies,’ which would have students study LBGTQ+ in all of its glorious forms as a basis for a new lifestyle for them. High schoolers intent on doing well in being accepted in colleges would also have to suffer through the post-racial era we now live in and the theory of “White Supremacy” where it’s taught as fact that white genes infect their carriers with inherent racism.

De Santis told his Florida constituents, “We believe in teaching kids facts and how to think,” the governor said, “but we don’t believe they should have an agenda imposed on them.” But one of Ron’s peers, Illinois Governor J. B. Pritzker has urged no changes in his state’s Black Study AP course, saying his state expects history lessons that cover “the role played by black queer Americans.” Those were his whacky words. Does he also ascribe to the theory that he himself, based on his white heritage and genetics, is a black hater and racist? And throw in for a sad joke, that the mayor of the Big Apple, Eric Adams, has just signed legislation that will now force all if its employees into a radical critical race theory-inspired training program, according to a copy of the training manual reviewed by Fox News Digital. The “mandatory” training summary was sent to all NYC employees with a March 6 deadline.”The training provides all NYC employees with a framework to understand…the importance of racial equity…in the workplace,” the email said.

Since “Equity” means the same outcome, we assume then, that each teacher in the public schools would have to guarantee that each student would finish the school year on an equal level, be it in mathematics, English or Physical Education. There would be no difference in the outcome for all. In other words, there would be no exceptional singers, musician, or athletes. What a marvelous world we’re moving into. Every student applying to medical school would have the same achievement and accomplishment level. We repeat…”Equity” means the same outcome. Does Mayor Adams understand what he is pushing for? How will he enforce and monitor this program? We think he’s mistaken for supporting Critical Race Theory and overt racism in the City.

And kudos again to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for standing up to American values which give each and every one of us the opportunity to become whatever we work for, study for and strive to achieve. There is only “equality,” and no guranteed “equity.” Only hard work combined with desire and a targeted goal are the answers to success and happiness. Nothing is easy, nor guaranteed in life.

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