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WFP Targets Mayor Adams, Looks for Candidate to Challenge Him in Next Election

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By: Jared Evan

The Working Families party of New York City is working overtime to find a candidate to challenge Mayor Eric Adams in the next election. Carl Campanile writes that the leftist Working Families Party is pushing City Council candidates to fight Mayor Eric Adams’ agenda by offering up endorsements if they back its pet causes such as defunding the police and bail reform, The NY Post reported.

The WFP also wants the incumbents and other candidates to embrace the tidal wave of migrants flooding the city, support more licensed injection sites for addicts and block charter schools.

All 51 council seats are up for grabs in 2023 after redistricting to accommodate population changes in new decennial census count.

“We’re committed to pushing back against Mayor Adams’ agenda of austerity politics, broken windows policing, and mass incarceration policies,” the WFP said in its lengthy endorsement questionnaire.

The New York Post writes that, in the last election, the WFP endorsed liberal Maya Wiley over Adams in the Democratic Party’s 2021 ranked-choice voting primary for mayor.

But the endorsement of the left-leaning third party WFP could help council incumbents or insurgents in contested Democratic primaries. The WFP, like the anti-Adams Democratic Socialists of America, whose members include Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is known to provide foot soldiers and other financial resources to help candidates it supports.

“A historic coalition of working people elected Mayor Adams to fight on their behalf, and that’s exactly what he has done over the last year in office — creating new jobs and providing more opportunities for young people, taking us out of COVID, and making our city safer,” mayoral spokesman Fabien Levy told The New York Post on Sunday.

The WFP endorsement query, according to the exclusive New York Post report, asks questions such as, “Going forward, will you work with advocates – including Working Families Party members and affiliates – as well as your colleagues to form a bloc and build a strategy towards a 2023 budget that decreases funding for the NYPD and instead increases funding for social services and programs? Please explain how.”

WFP policies are the exact reason by hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers are fleeing to Florida. Their ideology is destined to implode the entire city and bring NYC to a state of a 3rd world nation. Many NYC residents are devoted to the Democrat party and vote down-ticket straight D, even voting for the extremists endorsed by the far left, WFP.

The questionnaire also asks candidates if they will back legislation to bar the NYPD from aggressively responding to nonviolent protest protests, to abolish the “Gang Database,” to remove the police from schools and to eliminate the vice squad that conducts prostitution raids on massage parlors.

In other words, the extremist, radical, deranged, cabal support violent gangs and sex slavery. WFP are perhaps the most dangerous group of politicians ever assembled in NYC, more dangerous than communist 3rd parties  parties of the past, mainly because they have a lot of money and many of their ideologues are also endorsed by the Democrat party.

“Mayor Adams has continued to mislead the public about the impact of New York’s bail reform laws,” the WFP questionnaire says. “The data on bail reform is crystal clear: bail reform has decreased jail populations, kept communities intact, reduced racial injustice, and has had no impact on crime. Will you publicly reject and speak out against the mayor’s continued efforts to smear and further roll back bail reform?”

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