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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Using Gas Stoves is Our Right! Don’t Ban Them

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This condemnation of fossil fuel in all its forms from the Progressive Left is getting perilous. Now there are serious hints that they are going after our homes and kitchens in their madness to destroy the greatness humans have achieved through the use of carbon based energy since man first stood up on his two feet. It started with a Biden appointee on the Consumer Product Safety Commission, who threatened to ban of all things, gas stoves based on the assumed threat to the product’s negative impact on public health safety. Commissioner Richard Trumka Jr.’s words that: “This (natural gas) is a hidden hazard. Any option is on the table. Products that can’t be made safe can be banned.” Sure, in a totally government society…in which direction we seem to be dangerously headed. And this guy, who got his appointment because he happens to be the lawyer son of a major labor leader, is no rocket scientist, to say the least.

And another voice in the Foolish Fossil Fuel choir, New York Governor, Kathy Hochul, has chimed into this madness. She has proposed a ban on all gas equipment including stoves in new small buildings in 2025. Once 2030 comes around, NY’ers gas stoves will be banned totally. In addition, no more gas or oil  heating for new buildings of all sizes. She’s relying on solar and wind power as replacements. Good luck! And of course, throw in the ban on gas powered vehicles once 2035 comes around. Does anyone have any idea how air transportation will be affected with this madness?

But getting back to the Governor. She is focusing on combating the un-scientific, unproven dangers of climate change. And in doing so, she will energize the outflow of her state’s citizens to states such as Florida where commons sense seems to flourish. Families and businesses are already leaving in droves sparked by heavy crime and soaring taxes. Now she adds to the depletion of the most needed to sustain the state. She embraces the “health” issue of burning natural gas in homes and businesses without realizing that poor ventilation is the real threat, not the fuel burned. What scientific evidence has she produced to back up her health edicts?

Is Ms. Hochul aware that the restaurant businesses in her domain will be negatively affected by her ban on and removal of fossil fueled cooking appliances? That industry in her burg is still reeling from the (now we know) needless Covid lockdown. What will they do when their gas ovens, stoves and ranges that are so necessary to cook the food served to their customers are gone? An electric pizza oven will replace a gas one? Or what about charcoal or wood burning grills in businesses and backyards? Will plug in barbecues replace the carbon fueled ones we’ve been enjoying and using so safely for generations? No way!

Hochul and the other liberal leaders of our nation are taking us down a dangerous road to destruction. They’ve banned nuclear plants, blocked natural gas pipelines and will strive to make us totally dependent on solar and wind power that is all so unreliable when most needed. With the eventual fleet of electric-powered cars on the horizon and all homes heated by “green energy” sources, just how sustainable will our nation’s growth be? What about our defense? We note that China, Russia and India have not signed on to such climate madness and you wonder, “Why not?”If involved in any military conflict with an enemy, will we call a “Time out!” if a battlefield turns cloudy or if the winds are calmed causing our tanks to stop short? Sheer insanity to a cause that is propelled by those who seem to be lacking the logic of us mere ground level, common sense filled citizens.

Climate Change and all that the phrase maintains and calls for, has become part of a culture war against progress and growth. Progressives demand the imposition of their values on the lifestyles of all of us. We have no say. Now they’ve entered the kitchens of our nation, our homes and business, wreaking havoc throughout. Sadly, we all will pay; those of us who speak out against this madness and even those so who so willingly comply. We call on one and all to speak out and bring some street savvy to the argument fighting the cult cause of “Man made global warming.” Our future is on the line. Our pizzas, too!

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