Tucker Carlson Mocks Israeli Leftist Singer Ahinoam Nini For Davos ‘Lizard Overlords’ Performance - The Jewish Voice
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Tucker Carlson Mocks Israeli Leftist Singer Ahinoam Nini For Davos ‘Lizard Overlords’ Performance

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(VINnews) — Conservative commentator Tucker Carlson is known for his sometimes controversial statements regarding liberals and left-wingers. In his latest show, Carlson chose to mock left-wing singer Ahinoam Nini for her eccentric performance in Davos at the recent World Economic Forum.

Carlson called the forum a “Lizard Overlords” meeting, alluding to a fabricated claim that our planet is secretly ruled over by reptilian shape-shifters. This strange conspiracy theory, popularized by anti-Semite and Holocaust denier David Icke, is often invoked in connection with the annual World Economic Forum in Davos. Conspiracists see the annual meeting by world leaders to discuss economic issues as a secret method of controlling the world.

The video seized upon by Carlson is from a panel at a summit held earlier this month, where Nini—known internationally as Noa—performed to the guitar accompaniment of her longstanding collaborator Gil Dor. The unconventional performance sees the Israeli singer mimicking an opera singer and using bird-like vocalizations. It went viral on Twitter prior to Carlson’s segment, attracting ridicule.

Carlson mocked Nini’s vocal stylings and hand gestures before bursting out in laughter and offering the comment: “Yeah, and those people run the world? They are so impressive!”

Some conservative right-wingers have often made spurious claims about a select group “ruling the world” and Carlson, while not adopting these theories which could have an anti-semitic nuance, does not categorically reject them as evident from his statements.


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