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Trump warns Biden on Ukraine: ‘Then come the nukes’

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(WND) President Trump, provoked by Joe Biden’s announcement that the U.S., which already has given Ukraine tens of billions of dollars, is now authorizing sending 31 Abrams tanks to the embattled nation, says the war needs to end now.

At the Post Millennial, Trump was quoted from social media, “FIRST COME THE TANKS, THEN COME THE NUKES. Get this crazy war ended, NOW. So easy to do!”

The report said Trump’s comment came after Biden announced the U.S. would send Abrams tanks to eastern Europe to be used in the fight between Ukraine and the invading Russia.

Just this week, it also had been reported that Vladimir Putin might be able to cut a deal with the Taliban in Afghanistan to obtain access to billions of dollars worth of American war machinery left behind when Biden orchestrated a rout of American forces from Afghanistan.

Biden had announced just this week the plan to send tanks to help Ukraine fight Russia.

Biden said there would be 31 tanks involved right away.

The report also noted, “The U.S. has thus far provided Ukraine with several emergency funding packages, with the largest being worth $40 billion. This also includes $3.75 billion that was sent to kick off 2023, including billions in heavy weaponry.”

The Daily News also reported that Germany has agreed to send Ukraine 14 high-tech Leopard 2 tanks, and Britain, Poland, the Netherlands and Sweden are adding more tanks or other vehicles and supplies.

Newsweek emphasized the urgency of the warning from Trump.

He, in fact, said, “‘nukes’ could come in the wake of decisions from Western countries to send long-sought tanks to Ukraine amid its ongoing war against Russia.”

The report explained, Some experts and officials are not convinced that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s regime would resort to deploying nuclear weapons as the war in Ukraine reaches 11 months. Others believe that a nuclear attack from Russia could be a possibility in some circumstances, such as if Putin faces defeat in the war.”


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