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Torah Life and Living Legacy

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The Shabbos Challenge. Torah Life and Living. Anyone who knows our father will recognize the innovative programs he developed with one goal in mind: to bring Jews closer to Judaism. For over 40 years, Rabbi Aaron Schwarzbaum has dedicated his life to sharing the beauty of Torah. Like many others who work in kiruv, he wasn’t in it for the money or the accolades. Our father has a deep love for all Jews and developed a career around bringing them closer to Hashem.

Unfortunately, in the last ten years, there have been some medical curveballs including diabetic complications, congestive heart failure and multiple TIA’s (mini strokes). As with everything, our father has met the challenges with his motto, “Hashem runs the world.” Over the last few months, the challenges have grown and his health has been deteriorating quite rapidly.

Just last month, Rabbi Aaron Schwarzbaum was diagnosed with Stage 4 bladder cancer. With the many other medical issues that have been compounding for years, he is, sadly, not eligible for any treatment and the doctors have recommended that he be transferred to hospice. Our father has always held a strong belief that every moment of life matters and has expressed his intention to fight. Yet, at the same time, we must recognize that b’derech ha’teva, by the natural order of things, his time is very limited.

We are now faced with the reality of planning for end of life, including any final care and funeral costs. Born in Eretz Yisrael, our father has shared his sincere desire to be buried there when the time comes. As his children, it is our greatest wish to fulfill this desire, just as Yoseph did for Yaakov Avinu so many years ago. Of course, the price tag associated with this is quite high.

We are therefore turning to our friends, family and members of our community to help us grant our father this last request. Our father always modeled the importance of giving to others and is a person who would gladly give the shirt off his back to help another. This is a value he instilled in each of his children. It is with great humility that we are asking anyone who may have benefitted from or even witnessed his dedication to helping others, to assist in giving him the end of life and final resting place that he deserves.

With tremendous gratitude,

Rivka, Chanee, Mayeer, Pinchas, Yitzi, Malka and Bracha

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