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To Congress – Stop the Sale of F-16 Jets to Turkey

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The bumbling Biden Administration is now seemingly crumbling to the wishes of the tyrant of the Middle East, Turkey’s President Recep Erdogan, in his defiant demand to purchase 40 F-16’s from our already exhausted military arsenal. He’s holding us hostage to his unyielding stance on ratifying NATO membership for Sweden and Finland. Biden feels the planes are the carrot at the end of the stick to get Turkey’s nod to admit these two nations to the group. He’s wrong, as he has been on so many other matters. Erdogan’s demand was first made in the fall of 2021 but now the administration is seeking congressional approval to go ahead with the deal.

Thankfully, the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) is not going along with it. Rightly so! The senator has Erdogan’s number. He opposes the sale giving concerns about Turkey’s policies ranging from its threatening behavior towards its neighbor and NATO member, Greece over disputes in the Aegean Sea, as well as its internal, repressive policies. Within Turkey, members of the press have been arrested, opposition politicians have disappeared and those deemed “dangerous” to Islam have been locked up. Not to mention that nation’s threatening behavior towards Israel.

The guy’s not on our side and does not deserve our weaponry. Menendez, opposing his own party boss, Biden, said he would oppose the sale until Erdogan, “begins to act like a trusted ally.” Super words. We pat the senator on the back for speaking out so strongly. As well, members of the Congressional Hellenic (Greek) Caucus oppose the sale of these planes to Turkey. “Once again, the Biden administration tries to reward Turkey for its continued bad behavior,: said Rep. Gus Bilirakis (R-Fla.). “Rest assure, my colleagues and I in Congress will ensure no such sale ever comes to pass.” he continued.

Ankara was sanctioned for buying Russian-made S-400 missile defense systems in defiance of strong U.S. and NATO objections. And to add to the obstinance and anti-West behavior of Erdogan, Chris Pappas (D-NH) stated, “Turkey has also unjustifiably held up the accession of Finland and Sweden into NATO, undertaken a record number of unauthorized incursions with military aircraft over Greek territory and national airspace and constantly threatens Greece with war. That Turkey could potentially be given American weapons to conduct military operations against a NATO ally is unacceptable. But that is the exact prospect that this notification to Congress raises.”

And remember both he and Menendez are Democrats. And throw in the tweet of  Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY), showing a photo of Erdogan meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin A Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, calling it, “just one reason why Congress must reject this idea.” We’ll add that this Biden idea is a nightmare. And the State Department pulled a fast one with Congress just notifying them of the potential sale to Turkey and giving them just 30 days before a license is issued to react. And blocking the sale requires two thirds majorities in both the House and Senate. At this point, it does not look good for the opposition.

We do not go along with the Biden administration’s licking of Erdogan’s boots to have him approve of Sweden’s and Finland’s admission to NATO. For new members to join, all 30 existing allies must ratify the applications. Turkey, at this point is the only voice in opposition and is holding us hostage. We’ve finally got to take a stand against those nations in the world who are a danger to the peace, freedom and democracy of others. If necessary, let us wait it out until Turkey comes to terms with its dictatorial leader, votes him out and joins the rest of the world and NATO in demonstrating its desire to become one of us. But at this juncture, no arms or other military equipment to Turkey until that nation behaves rationally. Good luck to Menendez, Malliiotakis and others, in their stand against the administrations foolish boot-licking of a dangerous tyrant. We’re with you.

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