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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

The Hypocrisy of Dems Demanding George Santos’ Resignation

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By this reading, unless you’re still holed up in an airport waiting for a Christmas flight home on Southwest, you must know all about freshman, Long Island Congressman George Santos and the campaign lies he now admits he spouted about his educational, employment and religious background. But to the media, who front paged the story for days on end, his real sin is he’s a Republican who had the audacity to carbon copy this age old Democrat strategy to embellish his resume to win or get hero status. To them, this chicanery is treated as a one-way street reserved for the Radical Left. And this road has been skillfully and successfully traveled by them for many years and still going strong, without any resignations, hearings or hostile whining from the press.

Just let’s take a look at some famous, fibbing, hard core political Lefties, the Babe Ruth’s of this sport who, when outed, never left office or were condemned by the media, and some even re-elected. Remember Senator for life, Ted Kennedy  and the Chappaquiddick tragedy?  Bill Clinton, who after being criminally convicted of perjury, was never removed from office. How about current Senators Elizabeth Warren and her New England neighbor, Richard Blumenthal? She claimed she was of Native American heritage to land a professorship and to be elected to her present office. He boasted in his campaigns of service in Vietnam although he received five deferments and never served a day on active duty. Then throw in Hillary’s lies about having turned in all of her correspondence from her secret E-mail server. We’re running out of room but we must mention the straight faced liar, Congressman Adam Schiff and his fabrications given as a key member of the Trump Russian-Collusion hearings. Shameful! All are candidates for the Democrat Hall of Shame Fame. But heroes to their masses.

But the greatest falsehood spinner of them all, the grand master, practicing that art in D.C. for nearly 50 years, is President Joe Biden. Lies, totally fabricated stories of his imagined past, roll so smoothly from his lips, with unwavering sincerity framing his face, that audiences swoon at his innocence and sincerity. He tells the story of traveling a total of 1.5 million miles on Amtrak, to get back and forth to work in the Capitol. He fabled hitting a 358 foot home run during a congressional baseball game. He’s claimed multiple times of his “professorship” at the University of Pennsylvania. Never taught a class there. Then he made up the story of being arrested in South Africa going to support Nelson Mandela. He strangely repeats the story of beating up “Corn Pop,” a black thug who threatened the young Biden at some city pool. And recently he made up the story of awarding, when he was VP, the Purple Heart Medal to his WWII vet Uncle Frank. The problem, the old guy died in 1999.

To top his non-stop compendium of lies: Denying the plagiarism scandals that plague him from his college days to his elected positions. Then he boasted of his top ranking when graduating from law school. He had actually finished at the bottom of his class. And most recently, shamefully to this day, he claims our southern border is closed. No problem there…he says. So, we can’t believe our lying eyes the images from down there of thousands streaming in each day. We’re hallucinating….not Biden.

So, getting back to this Santos guy. We don’t like what he’s done and neither do you. But, obviously, he’s being held to a different standard because he’s a Republican. That’s not fair. Our solution: Both parties should sit down in negotiations as is done with our international prisoner-for-terrorist swaps. The Republicans will get George Santos to walk away from his seat in Congress and in exchange, Elizabeth Warren, Richard Blumenthal, Adam Schiff and Joe Biden will also hand in their resignations, as well. Let that be the future standard for all office seekers and holders. Fair enough???

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