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The Biden Family’s Role in the Classified Docs Scandal

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How many more icebergs will the Biden administration Ship of State have to collide with before its passengers (political supporters) jump overboard? Its demise is growing ever closer. After excoriating former President Trump for storing confidential White House papers in his Mar-A-Lago home months ago, Biden ended up with mud in his face by having similar correspondence and such recovered from his former D.C. offices, the University of Pennsylvania Biden Center, his two homes in Delaware and at this time, who knows where else? In short, these discoveries open him up to more scrutiny and as a sitting president with a nation going downhill economically, militarily, financially and emotionally, he’s in deep doo. Especially now with the bloodthirsty and revengeful Republicans holding the reins in the House, it’s going to be a roller-coaster ride for Team Biden.

But we feel there’s more to this story than just misplaced confidential documents. We and many others want to know just who had access to and perhaps even handled these documents. And why is our Justice Department working hand in hand with Team Biden’s non-authorized clearance level attorneys in searching out and even reading this information? Why not treat this crime scene as the FBI did on that early morning raid on ex-President Trump’s residence with dozens of heavily armed agents, the banning of Trump attorneys from the scene and photos of documents scattered on the floor? Big difference in law enforcement, no? Why?

But the Biden made-for-the-screen scenario includes other actors and directors. We’re bringing up the entire Biden Crime Family consisting of his brother Frank, his niece Caroline, daughter Ashley and of course, son Hunter, of laptop fame. All have had run-ins with the law and all had access to Joe’s homes and offices where the confidential papers were stashed. Why haven’t they been questioned and their homes secured and searched for more missing documents? We know for a fact that the Family has had commercial interests in Ukraine, Russia, China and who knows where else and to this day there is evidence that they are still on the Chinese Communist Party payroll. They must all be considered possible enemy agents and treated as such, no matter their influence in the White House.

We must state that we’re unhappy with the treatment of these outrageous discoveries of confidential paperwork by Attorney General Merrick Garland. His job is to see to it that the nation is secure from its enemies. The most obvious character to focus on, the one with the most radical, dubious, outrageously criminal background with known ties to China, the one who could easily have had access to and might have funneled any top secret material from these files to any of his international employers, is of course Hunter Biden. Why hasn’t he been interrogated as to his possible involvement? Has he been through any of these files? Run him through the mill! If one of Trump’s kids had had such dangerous ties to our enemies, would he have gone ignored as Hunter has till now? No way.

There’s surely more to come from to add to this sad saga of Presidential disappointment and possible enemy collusion. Trump went through years of hell: Labeled by the Democrats as a Putin agent, a Russian dupe, a Russian spy, with no evidence to back up the charges. And now, with President Biden tottering around stages, forgetting names, stating on camera his ignorance of his next move, being found guilty in the public eye for dangerously mishandling 50 years of confidential paperwork and lying to us all, his removal from office in the next few months is to us, a surety. A sad state of affairs for this once great  country and its past great leaders. We need our own prayers for survival.

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