Shame on Lapid for Undermining Democracy & the Will of the Israeli Electorate    - The Jewish Voice
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Shame on Lapid for Undermining Democracy & the Will of the Israeli Electorate   

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Shame on Lapid for Undermining Democracy & the Will of the Israeli Electorate   

The Radical Left, in all modern democracies, exhibits the same nasty, infantile patterns of behavior when they are kicked out of office. They whine like little children that their opponents “cheated” or are threatening the safety of their homelands with their decision making. Of course, they do so after having left their trail of failed, dangerous foreign policies strewn behind for their successors to clean up. So it is with Israel’s outgoing caretaker prime minister Yair Lapid.

In order to win his seat as PM, Lapid had assembled a coalition of radical Left and militant anti-Israel Arab groups that endangered Israel’s security and future. The issues of Iran, internal security dealing with Israel’s dangerous and frequently criminal Arab citizenry, the future of the Abraham Accords and last but not least, the growing dominance of the Democrat/Biden Administration, not the friendliest to Israel in the past, over the Jewish State’s Leftist leaders, loom large as problems for Netanyahu to deal with.

Angered that he and his party were voted out of office because of the disastrous job they did in keeping Israeli citizens safe from Arab terrorism , Yapid has set his sights on his arch enemy, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  The objective for Lapid is to publicly attack Netanyahu, gain allies who will also oppose him and instill fear and doubt amongst the Israeli electorate against the prime minister and the new government that the people of Israel voted into power in a democratic election.

Lapid began his destructive campaign by delivering a bleak and bitter address, warning against the  “agenda” of his successor, and his newly formed coalition. Nonsense. Apparent to us all, is that the installation of Bibi as Lapid’s Prime Minister replacement is a blessing to all of Israel and the Middle East.

Now, it appears, Lapid will be venturing forth to the United States in both a reprehensible and pathetic effort to discredit Netanyahu and plant the seeds of dissension and palpable animosity by addressing Jewish organizations, many of whom have supported Israel in the past, despite whoever is in power in the government.  With others, it seems that Lapid will be preaching to the choir, as they are predisposed to fiercely opposing Netanyahu.

Lapid is expected to try to enlist the heads of the organizations to assist him in his effort to raise global censure of the government and attempt to sway the proclaimed changes that it has said it will enact specifically regarding state and religion.

At a World Betar conference in Jerusalem on Wednesday, Diaspora Affairs Minister Amichai Chikli said, “What Lapid is doing now as outgoing prime minister is disturbing and irresponsible. He added that Lapid is “doing the work of the BDS movement,” that he is “spearheading the BDS movement.”

Organizations such as JStreet, Jewish Voice for Peace, Bend the Arc, the New Israel Fund, and others of this ilk who clandestinely support the BDS movement will be the wind behind Lapid’s wings on his propaganda campaign and there is no doubt that he will receive assistance from the White House. Let’s not forget as well that Lapid has natural allies in the ultra-liberal Reform and Conservative movements as they too have trumpeted the perceived ‘danger” of the Netanyahu government that is composed of a coalition of religious parties. After all, the mantra of the Reform and Conservative movements is to incessantly denigrate the rights of Orthodox Jews in Israel and to undermine the preservation of Jewish religious tradition and heritage.

In a recent interview, Lapid predicted that internal rifts and “extreme” politics will see the new government fall by next year. He accused Netanyahu of being “weak” because he made compromises with his coalition partners.

Lapid was optimistic that he would soon return to power, predicting that despite having a clear majority of 64 lawmakers in the 120-seat Knesset, the government would fall by 2024 or “maybe even sooner.”

“They will bring themselves down,” he said. “Look at them, if something starts out rotten — then it is rotten.”

When Lapid was repeatedly asked about his own failings in the election to motivate the center-left and get the parties in his camp to unite in order to avoid the loss of votes that eventually occurred when the left-wing Meretz party failed to cross the electoral threshold, Lapid could not provide a cogent response.

Rather than assuming a weak position, if anything, Netanyahu is stronger than ever and has the will of the Israeli electorate behind him. Clearly, it is Lapid who is power hungry, as he disgustingly craves the limelight and jumps through hoops to attract attention to himself.  The insecure and volatile Lapid will be the one in the end who places the people of Israel in danger.




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