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Against Jews Registering as Independents

Dear Editor:

In her seemingly “weekly” letter to the editor in a December issue of your paper, Ginette Weiner writes: “And so I call again upon all Jews to become registered Independents, send a loud message to both (parties) we are furious with the direction of each and will no longer support either.” She’s wrong. The Democratic Party has been the political home for Jews since the 1930’s with FDR as the nation’s leader. He supported the union movement that gave the immigrant Jews an opportunity to climb the ladder of success. Those members of the Amalgamated Clothing Workers Union and the International Ladies Garment Workers Union who started out on sewing machines and ironing boards ended up owning their own shops, giving their own kids educations to become professionals. It was FDR who beat down the Nazis to free the enslaved Jews of Europe.

It was Bill Clinton who brought together Israel leaders Yitzchak Rabin and Shimon Peres to create the peace-making Oslo Accords with Yasser Arafat. And give credit to President Obama for creating the Golden Dome anti rocket system that protects Israelis from attacks. And look at how President Joe Biden visited Israel and Palestine to help bring them together. For American Jews to rely on such Republicans as anti-Semite Donald Trump is suicide for American Jews. Stick with what you have belonged to for years. Remain Democrat Strong. God Bless America!!

Cantor Joshua Hirshman
Member of T’ruah


Are “Jews for Palestine” a Phony Group?

Dear Editor:

It’s shameful to read in a Jewish paper, a letter from a guy who claims to be, “Chairman, Jews for Palestine, in Manhattan.” Is this another Israel hating phony “Jewish” organization that operates to cloud the minds of Jews in order to have them support the terrorist Palestinians? Where are the meetings for Jews for Palestine held? How many members do they have? I’d like to attend one of their meetings and explain to them that the Palestinians are no friends to this group, to any group of Jews and to America itself.

The Palestinians call America, “Big Satan” and Israel, “Little Satan.” They despise both of our countries. Christians, as well. Their Koran, their bible and battle manual, calls for death to all infidels, or anyone not a Muslim. Abbas, their leader calls for, “Jewish blood to run in the streets of Jerusalem.” Jews are beaten, stabbed, run over, shot and threatened daily in Israel and the disputed areas. They, the Palestinians, are the obstacles to peace in that region. Even other Arab/Muslim states such as Saudi Arabia, Sudan, UAE, Egypt, Kuwait and Morocco despise the Palestinian leadership and their terrorist activities,

American Jews have to understand that among our own people there are enemies lurking to undermine Israel and world Jewry. J Street, T’ruah, Jewish Voice for Peace and Americans for Peace Now, are the main ones. But dangerously growing in power, drawing away from being “100% pro-Jewish” are such as the Anti-Defamation League, the American Reform Movement, indicated by their support for the Black Lives Matter Movement that despises Israel and Jews in general, is scary indeed. We must wake up to fight Jew hating Jews.

 Arthur Budnick
Brooklyn, NY


The Jan 6th Hearings Were Destructive to Our Democracy

Dear Editor:

The January 6th hearings are thankfully over….we hope. They were scandalous and destructive to our democracy. The Democrats, all of them involved, operated like the Nazis and Soviets. A trial with no defense attorneys permitted, a kangaroo court composed of all anti-Trump think-a-likes and a scripted performance by a bunch of well paid, pompous Democrats. A sign of things to come in the future? Scary. And please don’t tell me that the two so called Republicans were of the conservative mold. Not so. They were chosen for their hatred of Trump and they paid their price. They are both no longer in office. Good riddance. And by the way, I’d like to know what their price was to perform in this theatrical, well orchestrated stage play. Perhaps an investigation as their bank recent account deposits, new employment or stock investments is in order?

To this date there has been no actual criminal evidence presented at these performances to bring charges of whatever against Trump. He should bring suit against these individuals for slander and destruction of his image and let the truth hang out. Hopefully, the Republicans will look for blood and hold hearings as to the criminality of Pelosi and her Gestapo-like handling of these hearings. As of the writing of this letter, the Republicans in power in the House are still picking at their navels and have not yet picked a leader. Not a good sign.

Rita Penzer
Valley Stream, NY


Overreacting to Ben-Gvir’s Temple Mount Visit

Dear Editor:

When Israeli politician Itamar Ben-Gvir recently ascended to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and received condemnation from the United State for doing so the outrage from everyday Israelis was evident. Please take a moment and imagine if President Biden would have come out and condemned Muslims for praying in Mecca. The public outrage worldwide would be unimaginable. Every Jewish leader from Manhattan to Tel Aviv would have denounced Biden and called for his resignation.

On the other hand, when Biden blasts Jews for exercising their freedom of religion there is no outrage, there are no calls for resignation. In fact, the opposite happens as Jewish groups such as J Street and their allies rush to support Biden’s decision and offer their own criticism of Ben-Gvir. The J Streeters of the world see Ben-Gvir’s actions and statements as backward and disgusting.

This is a mere symptom of the horrible pandemic of modern Jews not knowing what authentic Judaism is when they see it. In the Torah, G-d tells the Jewish People that when they will be exiled they will start serving the idols of foreign deities. Jews did not start bowing down to idols when they were exiled, in fact many gave up their lives rather than doing so. The rabbis of the Talmudic era gave the following explanation: The Jewish People bow down to the nations that “host” them in the exile.

Tragically, fear of what the United States will say now comes before the will of G-d.

This fight against the disease of Westernism will continue and Ben-Gvir will continue to be at the center of it. He is the first Israeli leader in decades to represent the idea that Israel must not listen religiously to everything that the United States government has to say.

As Rabbi Meir Kahane often declared: countries do not have allies, they have interests.

There are times when America’s interests are not Israel’s interests. This time this disconnect happened on the Temple Mount and it most likely will not be the last time our Holy Mount is the subject of such a disagreement.

Joe Ben Malin

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