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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Hochul’s Caustic Words Cause New Yorkers to Flee

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We’ll sadly add to the frequently used term, “Political State,” by re-wording it to fit more properly in our own local geographical context: “The horrid political state of New York.” Of course, it’s run by Governor Kathy Hochul, a rather open incompetent. But the victims of her ineptitude and those currently suffering under the administration she inherited when her predecessor, slinked away in shame, foolishly put her back on the throne and they, themselves most surely will suffer the consequences.

Back before the recent election Hochul spoke down to a select portion of her constituents to: “just jump on a bus and head down to Florida where you belong, OK?” “You are not New Yorkers!” And they listened and they did, in huge numbers. Now that she’s comfortably securely in office, having beaten Congressman Lee Zeldin, she’s singing a different tune. She realizes she made a classic mistake in her choice of words. Her constituents reeling from a wave of crime, homelessness, inferior schools and high taxation rates now are told by her: “We must and will make our state safe.” “We have to make our state more affordable. “We must reverse the trend of people leaving our state in search of lower costs and opportunities elsewhere.” A bit too late to help her. They’re already gone and each day, more moving vans are heading one way…. south. Her fault.

The majority of them are moving to more tax friendly, safer states with schools far superior to those of the Empire State. The “school choice” incentive for those concerned parents who watched the decline of NYC education over the past decade surely mattered in their decisions. Parents and those in the high income/taxation brackets, tens of thousands of them, all benefiting the state did just that. `During the past two years alone, NYS has lost over 400,000 to Florida, Tennessee, Arizona and Texas. And very few of them lived on handouts or in tents. They and their families before them had been the backbone of prosperity in the state and particularly in New York City. No longer do they consider New York as “home.”

In welcoming these citizens, legal migrants to his state, Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis spoke the following words so eloquently: “The policies of these states (New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, etc.) have sparked a mass exodus of productive Americans from these jurisdictions, with Florida serving as the most desired destination, a promised land of sanity. Florida is where the woke go to die.” And Hochul, in her pre-election tirade, bid those fleeing her realm, “Good Riddance!” Dumb as dirt. Regret comes too late for her.

But, since we have her on our hands for another four years, we’ll helpfully throw out some suggestions to make life a bit safer and easier for all New Yorkers. Firstly, there must be some respect for the rule of law. Bring back the respect we once had for our cops. And for obvious reasons, get rid of people like Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg. Toss him!! Our people should not have to harness themselves to subway station pillars to protect themselves from being pushed on to the tracks. Criminals must be taken off the streets which they now control and placed behind bars where they can no longer endanger others. The liberal mindset philosophy of “tax and spend,” should immediately be halted. Our current school districting policies should be changed to a more competitive one which is to give parents the opportunity to choose the public schools for their kids to attend. Education Competition is the key here. Let the customer choose!

Ms. Hochul: Please stop begging people to come back to your state. They’re gone for good. Rather, try to encourage those remaining to want to stay put. Do something to make it worth their while. Your progressive policies are failing. Stop talking and do something positive. We’re waiting……and listening.

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