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Hamas cyber attack fails to silence: Videos exposing miserable life under terrorist rule go viral

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By Atara Beck, WorldIsraelNews.com

An organization that has given voice to abused residents of Gaza was the target of an unsuccessful cyber-attack on Tuesday, launched by Hamas.

The Center for Peace Communications (CPC) recently created an animated series, titled “Whispered in Gaza,” telling about life under the brutal terrorist regime that rules the Strip with an iron fist.

“Hamas has placed Palestinians in Gaza under a communications blockade. ‘Whispered in Gaza’ helps them breach it,” the CPC site explains.

It “includes interviews with Gazans from all walks of life, using video animation in lieu of the speakers’ visages to protect their identities.”

Twenty-five clips in all are being published in a weekly series, accompanied by research and analysis, according to CPC.

In the following video, for example, a young woman describes the repressive society. She and her husband have decided, for now, not to have children because “it would be wrong to bring a child in to the conditions we endure.”

In recent weeks, the videos, published in several languages, have been seen on various sites across the globe, and Hamas, apparently feeling threatened by the exposure, is attempting to shut the site down.

“Gazans want their voices to be heard. Hamas doesn’t. Days after we launched a platform for ordinary Palestinians to expose Hamas abuses, it was swarmed by pro-Hamas accounts,” CPC tweeted regarding the attack.

“Row upon row of pro-Hamas attacks, all identical, posted simultaneously.”

The attack was clearly not a professional job.

“One user accuses the Gazan speaker of being an ‘intelligence officer’… and is simultaneously repeated verbatim by 27 others. ‘Where’s the credibility here?’ asks ‘Adiele Elvis’. Oddly, 26 others asked the exact same question, at the exact same minute,” the Center noted.


“We are committed to helping Gazans overcome the blockade on their free speech, and this [attack] only underscores the need for us to persevere,” a CPC spokesperson told World Israel News.

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