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ABC Must Hand Whoopi Goldberg Her Pink Slip 

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This editorial is about overt, black Jew hater, Whoopi Goldberg, the so-called celebrity actress and TV personality who is the host of the daily ABC hour of lunacy and stupidity, “The View,” for which she’s paid a reported 3 million bucks a year. Other millions of people watch this dreck show and just may be infected with the recent Jew hatred spouted by Whoopie (more on this later) for which she seems to show no remorse. For this, we throw our voices in with the many who call for her immediate firing, discharge or merely to be thrown out the front door.

But before we really show our true feelings, let’s get some of her history into print. Her surname, “Goldberg,” a traditionally Jewish one, was fraudulently appropriated by her in order to gain prominence in the entertainment industry. Records show she was born in Manhattan as, Caryn Elaine Johnson. Her words, “Goldberg is my name – it’s part of my family, part of my heritage, just like being black. I just know I am Jewish. I remember the holidays.” Nonsense. Just a bit like white performers who used to apply blackface before that practice was labeled as “racist.” But Whoopie gets away with Jew hating racism…big time.

You’re by now all aware of her controversial on camera statements that the Holocaust was “not about race,” claiming that both the Nazis and Jews were both white. She had referred earlier that the Holocaust was about “inhumanity” and “not race.” Her remarks sparked international backlash on social media where “#firewhoopi” started trending, plus wide condemnation from the Israeli Consulate General in New York and the Auschwitz Memorial and the ADL. She attempted to quell the outrage by issuing a meek apology, “On today’s show I said ‘the Holocaust is not about race but about man’s inhumanity to man.’ I should  have said it is about both.”

But amid this latest outburst of black sourced Jew hating from the former Caryn Johnson, we’d like to point out that other daytime talk show hosts, like Sharon Osbourne, the longtime co-host of CBS’ daytime panel show, “The Talk,” who was fired for merely defending Piers Morgan for comments he made merely deriding Meghan Markle as a “fake” and “a social climber.”Of course, Markle is black. Mr. Morgan, upon hearing of the minor furor over Goldberg’s comments about Jews, remarked, “Bet she doesn’t lose her job.” And we agree. The odds are all on Whoopi to stick it out and remain on the tube for as long as she wants. It’s one rule for a black “racist” and another for anyone else.

We’ll point out Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashid Tlaib, both of whom utter Jew/Israel hating remarks in public and in the halls of Congress with no repudiation or condemnation as a result. They, women of color, can spout whatever words of hatred they desire, without fear of rebuke. Two years ago, the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagle’s football star, DeSean Jackson, quoted Hitler and shared anti-Semitic quotes from Louis Farrakhan in a series of Instagram posts and he was not banned or repudiated by his bosses or the league. Other big name black entertainers like Ice Cube, Nick Cannon, Diddy and even black author Alice Walker have spouted Jew hating talking points, also quoting Louis Farrakhan and what happened? Zilch.

This latest verbal anti-Jewish assault by this Goldberg woman must result in some form of punishment. We insist she be pulled from her show to indicate words have meaning. She spouted her venom to millions of viewers, most not familiar with the Holocaust. She influenced many to discount the Holocaust as a reality. So, we ask, “Why does she get a pass for her words of hate when the bar is so low for others?” We’re awaiting the decision of her bosses at ABC to remove her. We’ll wait and see but we won’t hold our breath.

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