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The Lunacy of the New $1.65 Trillion Spending Bill

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The craziness and lunacy of Congress’ newly approved $1.65 trillion “wasteful” spending bill is beyond belief. It boggles the mind that our elected leaders are trashing our nation’s future generations, our economy and safety, with this mostly wasteful list of expenditures that will do very little to keep our nation at the top of the heap…if we still are there. Under the threat of a government shutdown, which wouldn’t be too bad in itself, the House voted 225 to 201 to approve this madness. The vote was largely along party lines with only one Democrat, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (familiar?) voting against the bill. To make it sadistic comedy, her buddy, Rashida Tlaib, voted “Present.” And their reason?

Both America haters are concerned that too much was relegated to keeping our troops safe from harm. It strengthened our military defense. Talk about traitors in charge of our country. Throw in departing House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi and her comment: “Yes, indeed the goose is getting fat.” We’ll chime in that the fatness was not in the goose that would grace the table of a typical American family, but rather, adding to the thickness of the “pork” or political handouts to the special interests of the Leftist legislators voting “Aye” to its measures. Thank goodness it was her last speech from the floor. And president Biden gushed with pride and will sign the bill as soon as he wakes up. Disaster.

To his credit, House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy has made opposition to this legislation a central piece of his campaign to become the next speaker of the House. He opposed this bill. And for good reason. The nation is broke. At the time of this writing, without the above bill being counted, the nation is deep in debt, totaling some $31.5 billion, with each citizen (not taxpayer) saddled with $95,000 of a back breaking burden. And that’s before adding in the new $1.6 billion. Tell that to your grandchildren…and their kids.

While the Democrats refused then President Trump’s request for merely $6 billion to complete the wall and protect us from the immigration invasion, digest this: This current bill includes $47 billion to protect Ukraine from the Russian invasion and in addition, $430 million for “Enhanced border security for Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia and Oman.” The safety and security of these nations that are rarely friendly to our country have borders that need our funds to be “enhanced.” The message is clear that to the Radical Left, still in control of our spending, foreign nations come first for security and safety of their citizens.

There’s more. The LBGTQ+ whatever communities get over $10 million for a multitude of projects geared to their themes. The salmon industry gets $65 million. Throw in $4 million for a “Michelle Obama Trail” somewhere in Georgia. Go find and use it. And over $2 million for the National Great Blacks in Wax Museum in Baltimore. Take the kids there next Sunday. The hypocrisy of it all were found in the additional words of gratitude Pelosi uttered to thank her party associates for approving the measure: “We have a big bill here, because we have big needs for our country.” Ignorance personified.

Again, we thank heaven for her departure from and as leader of the House. She speaks to and treats  the American public, the people she’s been representing since the last great ice age, as stupid and uninformed. Perhaps she’s right about that. But the bill is totally financially irresponsible and threatens the future of our country. We hope that the newly elected incoming House members will do something to remedy the outcomes of this piece of legislation. At least let them make an effort!!

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