Social Media Must Compensate Those They Silenced   - The Jewish Voice
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Social Media Must Compensate Those They Silenced  

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Social Media Must Compensate Those They Silenced  


When social media arrived on the scene and gained popularity as well as momentum over the last 15 years or more, it originally served the function of providing a free space to voice any opinion, on any subject including politics. Whatever topic an individual or party felt was important and vital could be presented to those in cyberspace, with the hope of receiving thoughtful and incisive responses.

As time flew by and societal norms changed, the social media titans of Facebook, Twitter, Instragram and others saw fit to be posit themselves as moral arbiters, as power brokers in a universe of diverse views. Guided by the murky forces of the “Deep State” the social media brass launched the “woke, progressive” movement and as history has recorded, the main priority of left-wing fascism is to immediately shut down and completely silence any opposing views.

Declaring that right-wing and conservative politics and their leaders were verboten; insidious forces that were meant to be quashed with a metaphorical iron hand, the social media execs instituted what they perceived to be an ingenious plan to permanently cut off their ability to express their views.

This is known in common parlance as “shadow banning.” For those not in the know, shadow banning essentially means that “enemy” perspectives and thoughts can be posted but the nefarious algorithms are synchronized to block user access to these views. And that translates into the powers that be at the top of the social media pyramid orchestrating how many followers any page can have and efforts are made so that those who wish to be part of this dialogue will be unable to.

In the case of the Jewish Voice newspaper and others of this genre, the fat cats at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have made it their business to prevent the objective news that we publish to be seen or listened to by hundreds of thousands if not millions of people. Over the years, the Jewish Voice has labored assiduously to provide accurate, professional, detailed and thoroughly researched coverage of the news. The Jewish Voice and others have made it their business to offer readers a unique perspective on the issues that directly impact all of our lives.  These long and arduous hours of work performed by our dedicated staff have all been for naught as social media tycoons and their pernicious agenda have sought to “tape our mouths shut” and that is precisely what they have done with their successful shadow banning campaign.

Because they have decided that they and they alone are the ultimate arbiters of the “truth” and only their views count in any serious discussion of national and international affairs, the Jewish Voice has been ruthlessly victimized by these radical left fascists.

As such, in order to seek an equitable resolution to this ongoing campaign of silencing those that the social media big wigs abhor with every fiber of their collective beings, the time is long overdue for the social media culprits to provide adequate compensatory damages to the Jewish Voice and others. The time is long overdue for social media platforms to provide financial remuneration for the days, weeks, months and years that the Jewish Voice toiled by the sweat of our brows to do our job in providing the best news coverage possible. It was and still is our objective to educate, inform and enhance the lives of our readers. We were clearly prevented from fulfilling this goal. Now, it is time for the guilty parties to be enjoined to pay up for the irreparable harm that they intentionally caused to so many others.


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