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Shame on Lapid for Bashing New Israeli Govt

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The Radical Left, in all modern democracies, exhibit the same nasty, infantile patterns of behavior when they are kicked out of office. They whine like little children that their opponents “cheated” or are threatening the safety of their homelands with their decision making. Of course, they do so after having left their trail of failed, dangerous foreign policies strewn behind for their successors to clean up. So it is with Israel’s outgoing Foreign Minister Yair Lapid, as he delivered a bleak and bitter address, warning against the  agenda of his successor, Benjamin Netanyahu and his newly formed coalition. Nonsense. Apparent to us all, is that the installation of Bibi as Lapid’s Prime Minister replacement is a blessing to all of Israel and the Middle East.

Lapid, with the mixed up multi party system of Israel’s rule of government, in order to win his seat as PM, had assembled a coalition of radical Left and militant anti-Israel Arab groups that endangered Israel’s security and future. The issues of Iran, internal security dealing with Israel’s dangerous and frequently criminal Arab citizenry, the future of the Abraham Accords and last but not least, the growing dominance of the Democrat/Biden Administration, not the friendliest to Israel in the past, over the Jewish State’s Leftist leaders, loom large as problems for Netanyahu to deal with. He will have his hands full but he has shown, in the past, his capabilities to walk and chew gum at the same time.

The threat to Israel from Iran’s impending nuclear weaponry looms large. With the Biden administration on its knees, literally begging the Mullahs in Tehran to renegotiate the Obama Deal that President Trump nixed, hangs like a dark cloud over Israel. If Iran gets its way (and they surely will) with our president, Israel and the rest of the Middle East, Arab nations included, will be under the terror thumb of Iran. Netanyahu has pledged he will fight against it, taking peremptory military action if necessary to protect his nation’s citizens from any Iranian attack.

As a reminder to this urgency, Zohar Palti, a former Israeli Defense Ministry official, warned just last week that Iran is only “days or weeks from enriching the necessary a mount of uranium for a nuclear weapon.” Remember back in March of 2015, when both President Obama and his Vice President Biden did the unthinkable; they boycotted Netanyahu’s speech to a joint session of Congress, in which he pleaded with us to avoid the deal. Bibi has not forgotten and he will certainly stand up boldly to Biden and the Iranian threat.

Netanyahu will also bring the Saudis to the Abraham Accords Deal table. When this huge Arab nation joins with the rest of this coalition to stand up to Iran’s threats, the whole world will benefit and salute them. Recall that Biden and the Saudis are not on the friendliest terms because of his denunciating and demeaning remarks against their Crown Prince. This Abraham Accord alliance of former enemies was born during Bibi’s last term. Under his new term in office it will be enlarged and strengthened.

The Jewish State should be grateful, in these dangerous times, to have Bibi as their leader. Just look at our own president who is viewed by the entire world as a weak commander-in-chief. Biden’s failed decisions and leadership domestically, on our borders, in Afghanistan, dealing with Russia, Ukraine and China, when compared with the achievements, courage and mental capacity of Netanyahu, all shine the spotlight of “winner” on Bibi. We wish him well and look down on the ungratefulness and vicious, unnecessary spite of the Israel Left for their vindictiveness and hostility to his leadership. We stand behind and back him….totally.

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