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Letters to the Editor

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Anthony Fauci’s Replacement

Dear Editor:

Now that Dr. Anthony Fauci is leaving the post he’s held for over 40 years will he be replaced with another incompetent?  We need a non-political doctor in chief who will look out for the health and welfare of all Americans. We don’t need one who will abide by the needs and calls from the pharmaceutical industry that threaten all of us with over-usage of drugs. Our health is at stake. Let’s see who gets his job and let’s keep our eyes and ears open to what he/she says and does. Have we learned our lesson yet?

Hank Giedrig
Brooklyn, NY


Iran & Nuclear Grade Uranium 

Dear Editor:

The time is short for Iran to manufacture enough nuclear weapon grade uranium to put together a bomb to be exploded over Israel. What is our government doing about that? There’s much talk of President Biden submitting to the demands of the Mullahs to go back to the Obama Deal and give more latitude to them to make more bombs and to have more trade with western nations. We must write to our legislators demanding of them to vote down any such proposals and to speak to the president to urge him to deny any of their demands. The fate of not only Israel but other nations of the Middle East rest on our denunciation of Iran and its desires to be a threat to the world.

 Adrienne Fischer
Jersey City, NJ


Silence = Destruction of Israel

Dear Editor:

A letter to the editor a few weeks ago was written in support of Israel and its need to protect itself from the Palestinian Authority that threatens them every day. That is not reported in the papers or in the nightly news. One must search out the situation in Israel and the Mid-east on the internet and other sources. The situation there is a dire one and it appears the American president is not much of an admirer or supporter of the Jewish State. Why don’t we Jewish people speak out in the form of letters to the editor of such publications as the New York Times or New York Post? If we remain silent as so many of us do, we will be part and parcel of the destruction of Israel. Speak up now or bear that guilt.

Audrey Salter
Brooklyn, NY


Appalled by Anti-Zelensky Article

Dear Editor:

I was appalled when I read in TJV of 2022.12.25 M. Snyder’s article “America’s Blind Loyalty to Zelenskyy”. In a short note I cannot analyze each mendacious sentence of this text, but none of its sentences carries a verifiable statement: it is a piece of pure-bred, pro-Putin, pro-Rushist hate-laced propaganda. The author does not know a damn thing about what is going in Ukraine and even less about a threat that represents an Imperial, nationalistic Russia for the whole world. He accuses Mr. Zelenskij, a Jew who became a Ukrainian national hero, of trying to milk the USA!

But in fact it was the Biden administration that encouraged Putin to attack Ukraine and insisted on Mr. Zelenskij leaving Ukraine; it is the Biden administration that for 10 months of war did not deliver to Ukraine even one plane or one tank, and only 16 HIMARS batteries plus about two dozen howitzers, when Ukraine needs 500; it is the Biden administration that is scared to death to humiliate Putin.

Remember Chamberlain in 1938 shaking in his boots for the fear of irritating Hitler: the consequences are known. Ukraine, lead by Mr. Zelenskij, is waging a defensive war against a criminal regime, which is today more dangerous that Hitler’s or Stalin’s. Ukraine is protecting the civilized world with the blood of its people, while Mr. Snyder, moved by sheer ignorance and cowardice, appeals to the worst instincts of TJV readers. Mr. Zelenskij did not ask the US for money—he asked for weapons.

The staggering numbers of billions said to be ear-marked by the Biden administration for Ukraine are deceitful: these are but promises, not real weapons, with the money flowing back, through inventive schemes, to the coffers of the Demo-cratic party. Therefore, I protest, with all possible vigor, against the low-level insinuations of Mr. Snyder’s article. We have to help Ukraine with all possible means. “Glory to Ukraine!” as Ukrainians cry out. Long live President Zelenskij! Weapons to Ukraine!

Igor Melcuk
Professor Emeritus, University of Montreal, Canada


New Year’s Resolutions for the Jewish Community

Dear Editor:

The Jewish community and their “leaders” are more often than not, reactive to the latest horror aimed at us, vs. proactive, loud and proud Jews.  So for this coming year, let’s resolve, each and every one of us, to demand our “leaders”, our politicians, places of employment, universities especially, formally adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) working definition of antisemitism. The definition does not limit freedom of speech. It is a guide to help others (and ourselves) understand what it is, what it looks like, what actions and words characterize it.  It is essential to define antisemitism in order to combat it successfully.

This should be uncontroversial, as the definition was adopted by the Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe, of which the United States is a member, in a 56-1 vote.  The United States now uses this working definition and has encouraged other governments and international organizations to use it as well.

JNS: “Miriam Elman, executive director of the Academic Engagement Network, highlighted the growing number of Jewish students who increasingly feel the need to disavow their Zionism in order to fit in and succeed on campus. Instead of silencing speech or infringing on academic freedom, she said, the definition helps to encourage a robust discussion of the multifaceted nature of contemporary anti-Semitism, including when it’s disguised as anti-Israel and anti-Zionist animus. The IHRA definition, in fact, promotes free speech by ensuring that Jewish students can openly express the Zionist components of their identity and participate in campus life without being shunned, ostracized or harassed,” she said.  (See also Stand With Us’ pamphlets on the IHRA).

For those of us who feel, at times, helpless and hopeless with this onslaught of Jew hate coming at us on a daily basis, this is an effective, concrete step you can take. Write, call, be as relentless as our enemies are, and assertively “demand” all in your community adopt the IHRA now, before being a Jew, a Zionist, a supporter of Israel becomes impossible.

Ginette Weiner
Scottsdale, AZ

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