Bklyn Pol Ari Kagan Leaves Democratic Party; Joins GOP Due to Difference on Issues  - The Jewish Voice
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Bklyn Pol Ari Kagan Leaves Democratic Party; Joins GOP Due to Difference on Issues 

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As the woke, progressive, far-left wing elected officials and candidates for office in New York City still dominate media  coverage, it has now been reported that  Democratic Brooklyn councilman Ari Kagan announced on Monday that he is switching his political affiliation to the Republican Party, according to a report in the New York Post.  The report indicated that he’s disenchanted with the far-left, soft-on-crime bent of his own party these days and intends to take on a former ally for a redrawn Brooklyn district.

AmNY.com  reported that Kagan made the change official during a press conference on the City Hall steps Monday afternoon following a report from the New York Daily News on Sunday night. Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the council’s other five Republican members, Kagan said he’d been contemplating switching over to the Republican Party for months because the Democrats have moved too far to the left, amNY.com reported.

“Over the last several years in my personal humble opinion, the Democratic Party in New York became moving to the left at such a speed that they could not even keep up,” Kagan said, as was reported by aamNY.com. “And on issue after issue every year, every month, I started to feel that it’s not me leaving the Democratic Party, but the Democratic Party very quickly started to leave me.”

“Every month I found myself like ‘what am I doing in the Democratic Party?’” he said, as was reported by amNY.com. “In my own district, in southern Brooklyn, everywhere I knocked on the doors people saying ‘when are you switching to the Republican Party?”

Kagan, who represents the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn, will now be in a position to challenge incumbent Councilman Justin Brannan, the chairman of the powerful budget committee, during a general election where terms are likely to be more favorable than in a party primary, as was reported by the Post.

The Post also reported that Brannan and Kagan are battling to represent the new  47th District, which is anchored by Bay Ridge, the neighborhood Brannan currently represents in the 43rd District and which provides his political base. The new 47th District is then connected by a slender blockwide stretch of Dyker Heights to portions of Coney Island, Gravesend and Sea Gate, which Kagan currently represents, the Post reported.

At the Monday press conference, Kagan said among the reasons he decided to change party affiliation is due to his position on such issues as skyrocketing crime rates in New York as well as education, as opposed to positions taken on these same issues by his Democratic colleagues on the city council. Kagan pointed to the council’s push to abolish solitary confinement and a bill that would eliminate landlords’ ability to run criminal background checks on prospective tenants as examples of their alleged failure to address public safety concerns, as was reported by amNY.com.

“I believe right now, the Democratic Party is doing everything possible in New York City  to make everybody less safe,” he said.

During the news conference, Council Minority Leader Joe Borelli (R-Staten Island) welcomed Kagan to the council’s Republican conference as he touted the GOP’s recent electoral victories in southern Brooklyn, where they flipped three Democratic Assembly seats, according to the amNY.com report.

“We’re happy to have him as part of our conference,” Borelli said. “And I think he’ll do a great job serving the people of this district.”

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