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Alex Jones accuses Ye of having a ‘Hitler fetish’ following viral interview

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 After interviewing Ye (formerly Kanye West) and white supremacist Nick Fuentes, Infowars host Alex Jones accused them of fetishizing Adolf Hitler on Tuesday morning in an attempt to distance himself from their comments.

“It’s like some homoerotic, you know, thing over Hitler. That is, kinda, what’s going on,” Jones said on Steven Crowder’s podcast. “There’s this Hitler fetish. And no, I’m not into dudes in fancy, you know, peacock military uniforms.”

“Hitler was a pedophile, Hitler was horrible, screw Hitler, burn in hell Hitler,” Jones later added.

Jones also said he felt he got “sucked into a publicity stunt.”

In another clip of the interview posted by Crowder, Jones goes on a shouting rant about Hitler and other tyrannical leaders.

“I hate authoritarians. I hate communists.I hate Xi Jinping. I hate Hitler. I hate Mao Zedong. I hate Joseph Stalin. I hate Fidel Castro. I hate Hugo Chavez. I love George Washington. I love Thomas Jefferson. I love American strength, and freedom and power, and Christianity, and open societies, and capitalism, and free speech, and I want it back now,” Jones said, beginning to shout. “So burn in hell Hitler! And Stalin and Mao, burn in hell!”

In his interview on Infowars, Ye stated, “I like Hitler, I’m not trying to be shocking, I like Hitler. The Holocaust is not what happened, let’s look at the facts of that and Hitler has a lot of redeeming qualities.”

“I don’t like Hitler,” Jones responded at the time.

“I didn’t know Nick Fuentes was really a Nazi lover,” Jones said. “I had him on over the years–three or four times–when he was being debunked or censored and he would be like ‘no I’m not a Nazi I just care about white people’s rights.’ So I think this whole thing was a real coming out.”

Jones added that he still hosts Fuentes on his show because he “believes in the First Amendment.”

Fuentes, whom Jones called “baby Hitler” responded on Telegram by claiming Jones had thrown Ye and himself under the bus to “appease Jewish groups.”

“I don’t take it personally but people need to be aware that they are the definition of controlled opposition,” Fuentes said.

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