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Twitter Users Charge Balenciaga with Pushing Agenda that Normalizes Pedophilia in New Ad Campaign

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Twitter Users Charge Balenciaga with Pushing Agenda that Normalizes Pedophilia in New Ad Campaign

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The first major fashion house to completely remove its Twitter account in the aftermath of Elon Musk’s purchase of the social media platform was Balenciaga. As of late, Balenciaga has been getting some pretty controversial ink. For starters, they severed their contractual obligations with embattled rapper Kanye West after he uttered some pretty vile anti-Semitic comments and now the fashion house is drawing media attention for its bizarre new advertising campaign that features very young girls holding teddy bears and other dolls who are wearing “bondage” gear.

Clearly, this new ad campaign that is meant to introduce Balenciaga’s new Objects collection, which features a range of items including lunch boxes, candles, travel pillows, dinnerware and more which are displayed in the photos of child models has raised serious questions about whether the fashion house is engaging in moral turpitude and the sexual exploitation of children.

One Twitter user stated  – Twitter: “There’s a bunch of pedophilia in these #Balenciaga pics!” The Media: “There is a completely unfounded conspiracy theory running around that there’s pedophilia in some Balenciaga pics.” Balenciaga: “We apologize for the pedophilia in our pics.”

Another Twitter user posted: “We need to wake up! What #Balenciaga did was on purpose and not an error. The woke mob is executing an AGENDA that tries to normalize pedophilia! They’re inducing research papers to ban the word pedophile as we speak. They’re brainwashing your kids in real time #BalenciagaGate “

While Balenciaga hasn’t company hasn’t provided a reason behind its departure from Twitter, it comes as the social media platform has introduced and subsequently removed paid account verification. Balenciaga confirmed its departure, but declined to provide further context.

In July of 2021, the Balenciaga Instagram profile, followed by 11,6 million people, was wiped of virtually all its content. The move currently has no official explanation with no statements from the Spanish fashion label.

The Post reported that in one ad image, a  little girl with red hair sported a Balenciaga t-shirt while holding the strap connected to a white bear, which was in a vest with a padlocked choker around its neck.

In another, a brunette child donned a blue outfit while clutching a purple plush animal, which was sporting similarly BDSM attire, the Post reported.

Online shoppers spotted the adverts and were infuriated, calling the images “frightening,” “creepy” and “wrong,” according to the Post report.

According to the report, Balenciaga is being called out for this outrage by a viral TikToker who has accused the fashion house of promoting child fetish content and possibly exploiting child models with their new advertisement campaign.

Rach McQueen (@rachmcqueen1), who has nearly 10,000 followers, is known for posting celebrity and entertainment news recaps on TikTok. reported that on Monday, she posted a video breaking down the Balenciaga advertisement, which she says looks “exactly” like child pornography or fetish content.

One furious Twitter user posted, “I thought people were trolling, but nope. It’s real. Maybe this is why Balenciaga left Twitter. They don’t want to be held accountable. Yes, these are children holding teddy bears dressed in bondage outfits.”

A social media watchdog group alleged that “The brand ‘Balenciaga’ just did a uh….. interesting… photoshoot for their new products recently which included a very purposely poorly hidden court document about ‘virtual child porn’ normal stuff.”

“This is f’ing gross and infuriating. I try my best to avoid what seem like conspiracies here on Twitter, but they intentionally included this child porn reference in their shoot,” another chimed in, using the hashtag “burnitdown.” also reported that McQueen, the TikToker, says the photos seemed more “crazy” when she dug a little deeper. In her video, she shares a screenshot of an image on the Balenciaga website’s home page. The image is seemingly harmless, picturing a small handbag on top of a pile of papers and folders. McQueen says when she zoomed in on the documents in the photo, she noticed words and phrases like “speech coalition,” “sexual intercourse,” “pornography” and “sex.”

“Obviously, when we tie that document to these images [of the children] it becomes even more disturbing,” McQueen says, as was reported by

McQueen claims that the documents seen in the photo came from Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition, a court case arguing that images that don’t actually depict child pornography — but only imply it — should be legal.

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