Stopping Crime in Big Apple Should be Hochul’s Priority  - The Jewish Voice
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Stopping Crime in Big Apple Should be Hochul’s Priority 

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The citizens of New York State were treated to the first exciting gubernatorial election in a generation, with the voters giving an unusual close edge to current sitting Governor Kathy Hochul in her win over challenger, Congressman Lee Zeldin. And we wish her well in her newly elected position. To her credit, she keeps the 20 year winning streak going. But in a true blue state, winning by only about four percentage points while at one time riding high by 24 points is not a good sign for her next four years in office. All eyes will be on her promises, performance and political personality. You can be sure that Zeldin and others of both parties will be watching to toss their fedoras in the next race if she trips along the way.

When she took her seat in Albany after her predecessor, disgraced Andrew Cuomo, was forced to resign, she was a comparatively unknown Lieutenant Governor with no political pull or voter recognition. And since the time she replaced Andy Boy, her personal trademark has not been stamped on any particular issue deeply concerning her constituents. To be quite open, she’s not accomplished anything as Cuomo’s replacement. Now she has to wake up every single morning to face issues that belong solely to her. It’s her ball game now.

And she made it quite clear that she was not aware of the concerns that those voting for her opponent had in mind when they cast their ballots. She indicated she was out of it when during a last ditch campaign stop on Manhattan’s glitzy Upper East Side she insisted she’d sensed “so much electricity,” during her earlier meetings trolling for votes. She added straight faced, “This city is back and I want to lead this state into the next four years and possibly beyond with a sense of optimism we have not had here in a long time,” apparently ignoring recent polling that showed New York City voters fearing subway mayhem, other violent crimes and worried about paying their bills with further stratospheric inflation heading our way. She ended her spiel with, “That will start first thing tomorrow morning.” We’re waiting.

And we’ll give her some hints of what needs fixing. The bread and butter issues. She must tackle the crime and no bail issue whereby criminal newbies and old hands are sent through the revolving door monitored by Manhattan’s pro-criminal District Attorney Alvin Bragg, to ply their trade of murder, mayhem and madness, without the fear of incarceration. She must fire him, as his her prerogative, post haste. We’ve had enough of his letting criminals ruling the roost.

She must repeal the anti energy legislation, that now relies on “clean, replaceable, green, renewable” energy sources that will not in our lifetime replace the reliable, always ready fossil fuels that maintain the electricity grid that keeps our citizens warm, comfortable and safe. We dread the sure-to-come fatalities of the upcoming winter frosts.

She must back better schools, giving more consideration and funding to religious, charter and private schools that produce results that public schools have yet to achieve. And in order to make our public schools better, stand up to the unions who have dollar interests above that of effective teaching. Get rid of bad teachers. Let the NYPD aid in school safety. And speaking of the NYPD, give them the upstate support they so deserve. In short, visit the city more. Discuss relevant issues with Mayor Adams. Work with him. Listen to the needs of the city. You need our support as much as we need yours. Again, good luck and let’s all strive for a better New York State for all of our citizens, Right, Left and Center.

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