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Staten Island Food Pantry Commences Fall 2022 Distributions

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Staten Island Food Pantry Commences Fall 2022 Distributions

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On November 3, 2022, at the Aur Torah Sephardic Minyan located in the New Springville section of Staten Island the Council of Jewish Organizations of Staten Island (COJO) commenced its fall 2022 pantry distributions. “As a community we have an obligation to assist as many people that we can. As a Rabbi, I receive lots of calls from people having difficulty in making ends meet. The inflation has rocketed and people are hurting. I have witnessed our senior population and younger families with children needing to making difficult budgeting decisions and the inflated high price of food is adding to the struggle.

I therefore want to thank Oshri Reuven, president, Aur Torah and his wife Iva Reuven, a pillar of the community who serves as the COJO Service Committee chairperson who together with COJO President Mendy Mirocznik and their partners at Project Hospitality, Terry Troia, president and Gloria Novoa, director of volunteers for bringing their award-winning team back and for launching COJO Pantry Fall 2022 at Aur Torah. As a Rabbi I am proud of the generous members of Aur Torah who lovingly embraced the COJO pantry project and I am proud to state that we are honored and blessed to support and host the COJO pantry at our Synagogue which is the pride of our community, so remarked Rabbi Aharon Zeev, Rabbi, Aur Torah Sephardic Minyan.

Iva Reuven, commented, “that now that the high holiday period has ended we are fortunate that the children are back in school and that people are back at work. However, the cost of living has risen and people need to know that COJO and our Service Committee Team is here to help as best as we can. What I am most proud of is the team that we developed over Covid has become a strong group of activists and friends that is helping us get through these challenges. I want everyone to know that we are happy to help anyway we can and we are happy to have you join our Service Committee to strengthen our work.

I cannot tell you when this economic situation will improve, but one thing I can boldly state that together we will weather the storm and overcome these daunting challenges. I thank Rabbi Zeev, Mendy Mirocznik, Terry Troia, Gloria Novoa and the entire team. You are family and you treat every resident of Staten Island as family and the pantry is essentially family helping family and I am humbled and feel privileged to be part of this great Mitzva project. What started as a Covid response team has transformed into a strong and passionate Service Committee that is capable of taking on any challenges and responding to any task in kindness and proven positive results”

Mendy Mirocznik, quipped, “words cannot express my deep gratitude to Rabbi Zeev, Iva Reuven, Terry Troia, Gloria Novoa and this hardworking amazing team. Terry your dream and vision of bringing the diverse people of Staten Island together and having them work hand in hand has become the Staten Island standard, the norm and not the exception. I further must thank the NYPD, Chief Gin Yee, Staten Island Borough Commander, Lt. Rafet Awad, commanding officer, Community Affairs, Patrol Borough Staten Island, Captain Eric Waldhelm, commanding officer, Pct. 121 for being a great partner with COJO in this and all of our endeavors.

Positive change will only realize itself and come to fruition when community groups such as COJO and law enforcement work together with the residents living in the borough as one with the shared interest in building strong bridges that unites us together. To this end, I cannot thank the NYPD enough. As we embark and launch COJO Pantry Fall 2022, I can only predict that the best is yet to come. I proudly state that the secret is out that we are the winning team and we will prevail in enhancing the quality of life for all people who call Staten Island home. I feel fortunate, blessed and lucky to be a member of this winning team.”


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