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Socialite Libbie Mugrabi Arrested for Assaulting Housekeeper During Summer Altercation in Hamptons

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Socialite Libbie Mugrabi Arrested for Assaulting Housekeeper During Summer Altercation in Hamptons

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Whomever said that the wealthy and famous amongst us are naturally immune from temper tantrums and aggressive behavior got it all wrong.

According to a New York Post recent report, a super rich New York socialite who once compared herself to Princess Diana was arrested Tuesday for allegedly attacking her former housekeeper, police said.

Libbie Mugrabi, 43, who has had her share of headlines due to her high profile divorce from billionaire Andy Warhol art collector David Mugrabi is now accused of breaking her ex-employee’s cellphone and threatening her with a knife and mop handle over the summer, the Post reported.

Police said that the art collector’s ex-wife was arrested on July 31st, while Mugrabi was at her home in tony Sag Harbor out in the Hamptons. The Hamptons is an area that is known for being the summer playground for the rich and famous as affluent New York City business titans and a bevy of celebrities call the eastern end of Long Island home each summer. Ostentatious mansions are a ubiquitous sight.

Southampton Town Police said in a statement that the altercation erupted after Mugrabi’s housekeeper complained about money she was owed, the Post reported.  The fight ended when Mugrabi “forcefully and unlawfully” evicted the employee.

Sources told the Post that Mugrabi, who has earned a reputation as a glittering socialite,  was released without bail following her arraignment in Southampton Town Justice Court.

The Post also reported that Mugrabi’s lawyer called her a “pillar of our community” in the upscale  Hamptons and insisted that her client was innocent of all charges.

Marianne Bertuna, of Aidala Bertuna & Kamins, said in a statement, “Libbie Mugrabi is a pillar of our community and a law abiding citizen. The evidence will show that she is innocent of all these charges. We look forward to this matter being swiftly dismissed in its entirety,” the Post reported.

Associates and friends of Mugrabi claimed that the art collector’s ex-wife has denied the charges leveled against her. The Post reported that one of Mugrabi’s friends claimed, “Libbie is innocent of the claims she is accused of.”

A resident of the Jersey Shore, Libbie Mugrabi was raised in the Syrian Jewish enclave of Deal, New Jersey. The Post reported that her father was a plastic surgeon and that her mother was a nurse. After culinary school she met David, the son of a businessman known for his extensive art collection, the paper reported.

David and Libbie finally did get “hitched” but did not construct a pre-nuptial agreement. They divorced in 2020 and many have viewed it as the nastiest divorce in New York City history. The Post reported that the couple share a son and a daughter. During the contentious breakup, the two quarreled   over the $72 million townhouse they shared as well as a nine-bedroom estate and control of the Mugrabi art collection, the Post reported.

They finally reached an unspecified settlement after Mugrabi sought $100 million in the divorce, but her ex took her to court claiming she never returned several pieces of art, a Ferrari and a Porsche, the Post reported.

In July, the Post reported that Mugrabi plunked down her own cash to snap up some Warhol paintings  at an auction.

A source told the Post that the Libbie spent a staggering $201,600 at an evening auction at Phillips London for a Warhol painting called “Electric Chair.”

Warhol was known for his screenprints and this piece was part of his Death and Disaster series.

Speaking of Warhol, for those not familiar with the extent of Warhol’s works or his life for that matter, Netflix has been running the popular “Warhol Diaries” in order to give viewers a revealing glimpse into the mind and talent of the iconic artists who rose to international fame upon his arrival in New York City in the 1960s.

The breakup of Libbie and David was fraught with palpable acrimony and at one point Libbie said that both she and the late Princess Diana shared much in common.

The Post reported in a interview with Mugrabi that was done in 2021 that she said,  “I had the same thing as her — I got married young.”

“She was told what to do and wear,” she said, the Post reported. “And so was I. You’re under control and under a rein. It doesn’t matter what’s fair or what you deserve … After divorce, you can breathe, free of the gilded cage.”

She also launched an accessories line in the aftermath of her divorce from David.  The Post reported that over the summer, she made headlines when she reported $500,000 worth of clothes and jewelry stolen while she visited the Spanish island of Ibiza.


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