Sam Bankman-Fried Shames All Jews By His Criminality - The Jewish Voice
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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Sam Bankman-Fried Shames All Jews By His Criminality

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The scam that cost unwitting investors billions of dollars, the FTX fraud and its founder and criminal-in-charge, Sam Bankman-Fried, have left many open mouthed, financially shattered and in a state of shock. We’re outraged at many aspects of this gigantic fraud but we’ll start with one that affects so many who may not have even been involved in this scandal: Our law abiding Jewish brothers and sisters. While members of our community do not rob banks, loot stores or push people off subway platforms, our people have been shamed and embarrassed by those of our faith who have perpetrated similar, deplorable white collar criminal  financial fraud…in a big way.

This has to stop! The likes of Marc Rich, Michael Milken, Scott Rothstein, Bernie Madoff, names shamefully known to us, are now joined by this Fried guy. It makes us cringe with anger that these scoundrels have subjected Jewry to more anti-Semitism, fueled by their greed and criminality. Jew haters are quick to spot Jewish fraudsters and tattoo the entire community with the age old taint of us being labled “Shylocks” and unscrupulous financial dealers. We call for the harshest penalties against Fried and all of his knowing accomplices.

Billions of investor dollars just simply disappeared while being funneled through this crypto-currency, get-rich-fast scheme. Surprisingly Fried seemed to have some sort of immunity from the federal agencies that are responsible to protect our citizens from such crimes. Just where were the Security and Exchange (SEC), the IRS and the Justice Department in perhaps “turning the other cheek” to this mammoth fraud? This is alarming news and threatens our democracy. Is it possible that our elected representatives in D.C. could be “on the take” and putting the protection, security and welfare of their constituents in second place behind their efforts to shield and benefit their financial benefactors? It appears so, according to what we now know of Bankman-Frieds’ political donations.

His contributions (really investments) of $38 million made him the second largest donor to Democrats during this last cycle, only behind George Soros who donated nearly $127 million. He made a good choice last year of donating the maximum amount permissible by law, of $5,800, to House member Hakeem Jeffries, D-NY., who will replace Nancy Pelosi as leader of the Dems in the lower house. We’re calling for an investigation into the financial investments, to politicians of all political stripes, by those such as Soros, Fried and others and their dollar influence on our legislators who write and enforce the laws that we little people are so quick to follow. The more we learn about the frauds perpetrated by these influence peddlers, the more we feel the need for more scrutiny into these “donations.”

Sam Bankman-Fried, a crook and to top it all off, sadly, a Jew, has besmirched all of us who may be tainted by the dangerous combination of his religion and actions. He may possibly end up behind bars paying for his crimes. But it will be our people who will suffer the sure to come irreparable harm from his and others of his like being considered as part of our family. We must out these villains early in their careers to prevent such possibilities. Let him be the last to add fuel to the Jew haters among us.

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