NY Progressives Call for Ouster of DNC Chair Jay Jacob;  PPP $$$ Under Scrutiny - The Jewish Voice
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NY Progressives Call for Ouster of DNC Chair Jay Jacob;  PPP $$$ Under Scrutiny

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By: Dean Weiner

Jay S. Jacob, chairman of the New York State Democratic Committee, is having a bad month. The far left of the NY Dem party are calling for him to resign, and the local media are reporting on the millions of dollars of PPP money, which he received and may have inappropriately used.

Matthew Sedacca and Rich Valder write that Jay Jacobs — who is facing calls to resign from predominantly progressive members of his own party over state Democrats’ poor showing in last week’s elections — owns or is a top executive for at least 11 businesses, including several summer camps in New York and Pennsylvania, that secured $2,919,844 combined in Paycheck Protection Program loans for 2020 and another $3,194,596 last year, records show. The money was used to pay the salaries of hundreds of full-time staffers.

According to state records, Jacobs was able to donate $40,000 and $14,000, respectively, to campaigns of longtime allies Hochul and Cuomo in 2020 and 2021.

“Any implication that PPP money was used for campaign contributions is provably and factually untrue — both as to the timing we received it, and the fact that the PPP loans were reviewed by the SBA and verified that they went for the purposes that they were meant to,” Jacobs said in a statement to The New York Post.

The extreme left of the NY Dems are not happy with the devastating losses the Democrats suffered in the state, as Buffalo News pointed out.

Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez of the Bronx, who last week expressed her frustration after Democratic losses throughout the state. Indeed, New York City newspapers reported over the weekend that downstate state senators such as Liz Krueger and Brad Hoylman, plus New York City Comptroller Brad Lander, signed a statement – along with 600 other party leaders – calling on Hochul to replace Jacobs, Buffalo News reported

The extremist left wing congresswoman AOC Tweeted:

“Last night’s NY underperformance is a testament to years of prioritizing calcified machine politics and favoring over performance, strategy, & organizing,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted on Wednesday. “To win from here, Jacobs must go and we must recenter the party to better value community leadership and small-d democracy.”

Buffalo News reported:

Hochul reiterated Monday during an appearance at the Matt Urban Center on Broadway that Jacobs retains her confidence after her own re-election a week ago. But following a string of congressional flips around the state to Republicans – a key element in a possible GOP takeover of the House of Representatives – some Democrats are demanding his departure. She has resisted but hints new approaches may be necessary in the future.

“Jay Jacobs is chairman of the party, but I also think it’s a great opportunity for us to rebuild,” she told reporters. “This a chance to make sure the New York State Democratic Party is the powerhouse it should be. This is New York.”

According to the Democratic Party website, Jay S. Jacobs is the Chair of the New York State Democratic Committee. Jay Jacobs was first elected to the position of Nassau County Democratic Chairman in October of 2001. Since becoming Chairman, the voters of Nassau County have re-elected a Democratic Majority in the County Legislature in 2001, 2003, 2005, and 2007, and have elected two Democratic County Executives, two District Attorneys, two County Comptrollers, three Town Supervisors, and a County Assessor. In 2005, Jacobs and the committee made history by helping to elect Kathleen Rice, who became the first ever female District Attorney in Nassau.

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