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Manhattan Doctor Charged in Fraud Scam, Vanishes in Alleged Boating Accident

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By:  Ellen Cans 


Dr. Marvin Moy mysteriously vanished in an alleged dead-of-night boating accident off the Long Island coast on October 12th.


As reported by the NY Post, the doctor, who had been charged by federal authorities as part of a massive $100 million health fraud scheme, went missing, when his boat, the Sure Shot, sank after allegedly colliding with a larger vessel.  He was apparently flung overboard during the collision and has not been found.   “The other person was recovered while Marvin remained missing,” a Coast Guard spokesperson said, adding that they found debris and an oil sheen from the wreck in the water.


“We conducted boat and helicopter searches for over 30 hours covering 4,830 nautical miles, finding only the Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon that he was allegedly holding when he was last seen,” they added.  The search was called off the following day, but the agency is conducting an investigation into the incident, which occurred about 25 miles off the coast of Fire Island.


Friends of Dr. Moy are puzzled and say there are many unanswered questions which they would like clarified.  “We’ve got unresolved questions. We do not know what happened,” one of Moy’s close friends, who asked not to be identified, told the Post. One friend added that Moy, whose Upper East Side apartment resembled a fishing cabin — loved the sea, but still it was unusual that he would go out so late at night, so far out at sea mid-week.  The friend added that the other passenger on board, was a mystery too, as he wasn’t a close friend of Moy, but rather someone he knew from a “small clique of people,” who are part of the Long Island boating community.  “I would obviously like for my friend to be found. There’s still a chance he’s shipwrecked on some small rock,” he added.


Moy, a physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor practicing in Hempstead, was facing allegations that he had conspired with a co-defendant to conduct “painful electrodiagnostic testing” on patients who were not in need of the procedure, as per a federal lawsuit.  He was due in court about a week after his disappearance.  The charges were first brought up in January, and the case has more than a dozen suspects as part of what the feds are calling one of the biggest fraud busts in history.  As per the Post, two gangs had tapped trusted professionals to steal $100 million dollars from insurance companies.


Moy’s attorney had showed up at the Oct. 19 hearing, telling Judge Paul Gardephe that they were in contact with a legal representative from the Coast Guard, who said Moy is not considered dead till the investigation is over. “The representative indicated that he would keep us apprised of any developments and that, ultimately, a report would be issued and that we would be provided such a report,” the lawyer said.


Nicholas Biase, a spokesman for the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, commented to say that the government’s probe of the disappearance is ongoing.


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