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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Letters to the Editor

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Homelessness & the Woke Progressives

Dear Editor:

On November 4th, Ginette Weiner penned a letter to your paper, “A Cure For Homelessness.”  Her intentions were good but would not hold water in this “Woke, Liberal” atmosphere. She calls for those on the streets, in tents, boxes and the addicts among them, be picked up by the police and given the choice of hospitalization, shelters or imprisonment. These laws, if enacted would be immediately challenged by the ACLU and the many organizations who fight for the right of these street residents to remain in place, wherever they choose to set up their “homesteads.”

She claims the sidewalk is hers also, that she has some sort of ownership of public pathways, parks or even her front steps. Not so. The liberal courts claim those residing out of doors, on the streets and in store entrances have their constitutional right to do so. I happen to agree that these street people are a menace to themselves, the community and me, but her plea to get laws passed and have them stick in the face of the liberal voices, is nil. I suggest she put on a face mask, carry mace or move to places like Florida and other politically conservative run states or even cities to be more safe and secure.

Beverly Grodin
Deerfield Beach, Florida


Is Biden of Sound Mind?

Dear Editor,

Andrea Horowitz, in a recent edition of your paper told us that she feels Biden is of sound mind. Is she? What proof does she give that he even knows where he’s at? Recently in Cambodia he spoke out, reading from a prepared script, mind you, that he was in “Columbia.”

Is she aware of his not being able to find his way off many stages after he robotically reads his speeches? That he called a deceased congresswoman, whom he knew well, to stand up and take a bow? That he suggested to a black youngster who accompanied his dad to one of his talks, to “Go out and steal a pumpkin?” The man, sadly, belongs in an assisted living residence and scarily, is situated in the White House.

Morton Golub


Is World War III on the Horizon?

Dear Editor,

I’m concerned that we’re headed into WWIII under the leadership of Joe Biden. Why are we getting so involved with Ukraine in its war with Russia? What do we owe them? If Russia is having such a tough time defeating them why should we, a superpower, be fearful of Russia attacking us? Let the Europe nations do the bidding of Zelenskyy. Let them put their kids on the front lines. We, being members of NATO, notwithstanding.  Trump was right about NATO. He didn’t trust the Europeans and their organization. We should leave that phony group pronto and let them go it alone. Europe called us to bail them out in the prior two world wars. They started those conflicts and we had to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of our youth to keep them free. No more. But Biden and his Leftist cronies are playing with fire on that continent.

An look how he creepily is silent about Taiwan. What are our intentions if China attacks that island? Will he bring us into that conflict? What happens of China and Russia both collude to fight us at the same time? Is our military up to it? Will our citizens be up to it? Who knows? Face it, America, we are in deep doo with President Biden, the Democrat leadership in D.C, and their Democrat voters in the country. WWIII, ready or not, here we come!

Monty Arden
Boca Raton, FL


Why the Tumult Over Kanye West?

Dear Editor,

Why all the tumult over Kanye West’s spouting of Jew hating? Who is surprised at his attachment to Louis Farrakhan? What is so surprising at the Jew hating coming from the mouths of those blacks, who for many years have been in the forefront of what is labeled “anti-Semitism” which is the euphemism for the real thing, the hatred of Jews? What black leader has ever condemned such talk or put down those who’ve spoken nothing but hatred of us for years? Even President Obama, back in his senatorial year of 2015, met with and posed for a picture at a NAACP convention with this notorious Jew hater. And didn’t Obama sit for 20 plus years in the Chicago Church of Christ, run by another overt Jew hater, Rev. Jeremiah Wright? And through those years, he was married by Wright, had his kids baptized by him and had the good reverend on his presidential election committee. And Obama did not ever challenge Wright over these years, did he? So on which side of the Jew hating fence does Barack Obama stand?

Let our tuchis-lecking Jewish “leaders” finally come out with the truth about our relationship with blacks. Through the years, with money and deeds, we’ve helped them to try to get them on their feet. We formed the NAA to help them, we sacrificed Schwerner and Goodman for the MLK march in the south. What more can we give them to convince them to finally put an end to their involvement in putting our people in danger with their actions and deeds? I say, “Enough is enough!” Stop supporting their causes until they cease and desist in being Jew haters. If they have leaders who can stem this tide of racism, let them finally speak up or let us stop making fools of ourselves and face the facts that blacks have no respect for us. It’s time for us to stand up for our own cause….survival.

Morris Rappaport
Bronx, NY


Less & Less to be Thankful for This Thanksgiving

Dear Editor:

Today we witness sports figures fighting with each other, assaults on airplanes, violent, repeat offenders released before their paperwork is even dry to go out and commit more crimes, mass plans for and actual mass shootings on a continual basis, cities overrun with homeless populations, our borders overrun with mass illegal migrants, human trafficking and drugs, demonization of any who disagree with the far left onespeak as subhumans, with no real solutions proposed. It used to be that the lunatic fringe was just that–the lunatic fringe. Now, we are making policy based on their idiotic, ignorant rants. If-I-only-had-a-brain AOC ranted about defunding police. So the police were defunded. Now she whines about not feeling safe when she walks her dog!!!

The disease of moral relativism where there is really no right, and no wrong, where everything is relative and up for grabs is now fully institutionalized and so we hear the knee jerk opinions, not founded on facts or any knowledge, of Whoopi Goldberg question whether or not Hamas is a terrorist organization, Hamas who is funded by the Islamic Republic of Iran, who spends millions on tunnels to infiltrate Israel, capture and kill every Jew they can find. We no longer have a moral compass.

The perpetual victims, who are never satisfied no matter how much is given to them, who are bottomless in their demands, continue to use America like their personal  punching bag.   It is exhausting to behold. We have become a large hot air bag to the world, deflating slowly until our last wheezing breath.  If we don’t start rejecting the extremes of the far left and the far right, if we don’t begin bipartisan solutions for our decades old, constantly unresolved issues, we will cease to be the United States of America and become the Dis-United, Dys-Functional States of America, soon to be non-existent as one nation.

Ginette Weiner,
Scottsdale, AZ

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