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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Letters to the Editor

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Be Prepared for All Out War

Dear Editor:

So now President Biden, in Cambodia, thinks that he’s in Columbia. He falls asleep at international conferences, admits out loud to the millions viewing his talks that he can’t read his prepared speeches and his supporters blame his “stuttering” problem for his miscues? Are they mad? Or simply stupid? And his horde of worshipers think that our enemies in China, Russia, Iran and North Korea are as dumb as they are? Of course not. They see the opportunity to pounce while they can. Watch China eat up Taiwan. And our president is confused about whether we’ll offer our young troopers’ lives to intervene. No one seems to know what our policies are in the Pacific.

South Korea cannot withstand an invasion from the North Koreans. And neither can Taiwan ward off a Chinese invasion. And our military is not what it once was. It has been depleted by Obama and now by Biden. We will fire tens of thousands of our experience, loyal fighters because they refuse to take the Covid shots that we now know could not prevent the disease or its transmission by those who took it. Yet, Biden is welcoming in millions of illegals who come in without any medial history and spread them around the nation. Russia attacked Ukraine with Biden standing helpless and open mouthed by Putin’s move. That would never have happened under Trump’s rule.

So now be prepared for total, all out war. It’s coming and we’re sitting ducks thanks to the morons who put Biden in power.

Arnold Posner


Economic Calamity Coming Our Way

Dear Editor:

What to make of the prices at the pump, the store and travel by plane? They are skyrocketing and will surely be out of range for many Americans. The homeless will take over the big cities who will be bankrupt by the practices of their Democrat Mayors. Pensions for the millions who served in these cities and are dependent on that income, will be cut to add to the grief. The ranks of the police will shrink as more and more violence is permitted against them. And they are also targets of attorneys representing minority thugs who are “manhandled” by police just to bring them to jail.

Taxes will soar, businesses will go under and states such as Florida, Texas and other Republican ruled ones will suffer from the influx. Just as the nation does with its illegals entering our country from the borderless south. How will we survive?

Martha Krakoff
Brooklyn, NY


No Longer a Sports Fan Thanks to the “Woke” Crowd

Dear Editor,

I agree with the writer who admitted that he’s no longer a sports fan because of the progressives taking over professional sports. Gay logos on shirts, BLM  graffiti on basketball courts, disrespect for the National Anthem and the flag all have led to millions like me who have given up on pro sports. It’s a creeping illness that will infect every facet of entertainment. Look at Hollywood movies with scripts touting gay marriage. It’s obvious they[re going after kids by stressing the gay lifestyle, anti parent themes and nothing showing the Chinese as they are: Enemies of our freedom.  I think I’ll stick to the Hallmark Channel and go to sleep.

Harris Wolf
Nanuet, New York


Stop Bashing President Biden

Dear Editor,

I disagree with your editorials and columns bashing President Biden. He was elected by the people and should be given time to get things straight. After all, he inherited the Covid problem and massive unemployment from his Trumpian predecessor. He needs time. The last election took away the House from his leadership. They were getting it right just before Election Day. I’d like to see the Republicans finally reaching out to the Democrats to get back on the ball and to start things moving in the right direction again. They have to learn how to work together as they did years ago.

I’m proud to say that I’m a close neighbor of Senator Schumer and have had personal talks with him about his priorities in governing. He worked well with Pelosi and now he’ll be thwarted by the likes of McCarthy, a radical if there ever was one. Nancy did well and now we’ll see. But I have little hope the Far Right will give an inch to work together with the Democrats. But, let’s hope.

Harvey Zuckerbrod


The “Black Hitler” Rears His Ugly Head…Again

Dear Editor:

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan addressed the recent anti-Semitism allegations leveled against NBA star Kyrie Irving and the anti-Semitic comments of rapper Kanye West. According to the report and video posted by MEMRI, he claimed that Jews have never apologized to African Americans for the transatlantic slave trade or for the murder, rape, castration and enslavement of blacks.”  I urge you to read each of these Big Lies refuted by Harold Brackman’s “Ministry of Lies, The Truth Behind The Nation of Islam’s “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews,” 1994,Simon Wiesenthal Center.

The only saving grace here is that luckily ignoramus bigot Farrakahan also hates gays, Asians and a host of others. See direct quotes, Simon Wiesenthal’s Farrakhan: Four Decades of Bigotry/ http://www.wiesenthal.com/assets/pdf/new-swc-report-farrakhan.pdf.

I say luckily because if it was “just” Jew hate, the world at large, the media, celebrities would be fawning over him, as they still do from time to time, and only back off when they are again reminded about his equal opportunity hatred.

I suggest anyone who is looking for a bogeyman to blame for their woes, first take a long hard look in the mirror. And then get your facts straight.  Despite centuries of hatred and ostracism, Jews not only survived; we thrived. Why? Because we have Jewish values and culture which emphasize higher education, achievement, cherishing our children and helping others by contributing to all of the communities we are allowed to live in. “The American Jewish Committee, American Jewish Congress, & Anti-Defamation League were central to the campaign against racial prejudice. 50% of the civil rights attorneys in the South during the 1960s were Jews, as were over 50% of the whites who went to Mississippi in 1964 to challenge Jim Crow laws.” Jews were, and still are, at the forefront of fighting prejudice.

We are tired of your blaming Jews for the world’s woes.  We are tired of your ignorant need for false conspiracies, for a bogeyman to blame. We are… tired of you.

Ginette Weiner
Scottsdale, AZ

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