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Letters to the Editor

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Why Is Ukraine Voting Against Israel at the UN???

Dear Editor:

We hear non-stop criticism from President Zelensky that Israel is not doing enough to help Ukraine in its war against Russia, brushing aside the delicate diplomatic and defense dilemma that Israel faces from Russia in its problems in Syria against Iran.

But over the weekend Ukraine, once again, voted against Israel in a motion that called for Israel to be dragged to the International Court of Justice in The Hague for “illegal occupation of Palestinian land.”

What is strange about Ukraine’s decision to stab Israel in the back is that Zelensky’s country sided with both Russia and Iran in this vote, the ones who are bombing Ukraine, instead of siding with Israel.

But this is not surprising given Ukraine’s appalling record of anti-Israel voting at the UN.

This was the 124th time that Ukraine has either voted against Israel (97 times) or abstained (27 times).

It has NEVER voted in favor of Israel.

Perhaps it is in Israel’s interest to oppose Ukraine’s occupation of territory claimed by Russia?  Because this is exactly what Ukraine just did to Israel’s legitimacy in our ancient homeland.

Perhaps Zelensky’s next move will be to join Australia’s Penny Wong in denying Israel’s rights to Jerusalem as our eternal and sovereign capital.

Barry Shaw,
International Public Diplomacy Director,
Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.


Is Hochul Up for the Task at Hand?

Dear Editor:

Now that Lee Zeldin has lost, what will happen to New York State. Hochul is definitely not up to the task of running the state. Those who voted for her made a bad decision that will affect all of us. I’m calling for Zeldin to stick to his guns and comment weekly on Hochul’s failures and keep a running chart of them to remind us of how stupid we were to put her in office. There is no way she will end her four years in elected office with any accomplishments to her credit. We will be the losers.

Gerald Knopf
Glendale, Queens


The Radical Left’s Influence in Congress

Dear Editor:

The Democrats have shown how much better they are at politicking that Republicans. This does not make me a happy trooper. If the Radical Left, in power now takes both houses, we’re in trouble. And it may take days yet, to figure out who’s in charge. Of course, Democrats running the voting machines are in charge of counting the ballots in many states and if Hitler were running on their ticket, he’s receive just the amount of votes he’d need to take office.

Republicans, being law abiding and upstanding, would never lower themselves to cheat and steal elections. That’s why they’re the losers now and perhaps, forever. Republicans have got to go to school in order to learn how to replicate the maneuvers, techniques and methodology of the Left in order to win future elections. No more of this “Good Guy” stuff for me. I want to win. Let’s do it!

Sydelle Portnoy


Fearful About US-China Relations

Dear Editor:

As I’m writing this, I’m watching with utter fear, President Biden meeting with Chinese dictator, Xi Jinping. In fact, their first handshake was accomplished with Xi standing imperially, waiting for Biden to walk across the stage to him. To Asians, this is a sign of superiority, when a less-than has to go to his higher-up. Surely, Xi has no mind to reduce any carbon emissions from his nation’s industry. Biden will beg him to do so, to even fake his affirmative response to Biden’s pleadings. The Chinese leader knows with whom he’s dealing: An aging, lifeless, clueless American. In addition, Xi knows just how much the Biden Crime Family is indebted to, even on the payroll of the Chinese Communist Party. Were the contents of the Hunter Biden laptop revealed years ago (as it should have been) this meeting would never have taken place. Rather, President Donald Trump would have been dictating to Xi what he demanded, rather than Biden pleading with his employer, for favors to our country. Are we doomed?

Eddie Kornberg
Albany, New York


With “Friends” like Ukraine, Who Needs Enemies

Dear Editor:

Ukraine seems to have a shifting moral compass to be used when it suits them. Instead of Ukraine and Zelensky calling upon these so called “Palestinian” Arabs to sit down and negotiate in fairness which they have repeatedly refused to do, Ukraine is now voting against Israel at the UN.  But Ukraine and Zelensky have not been shy about making demands on Israel and even berating Israel for not meeting all its demands, despite the security risk it might pose to Israel. Zelensky uses his “Jewishness” when it suits his needs, however noble.

Yet Zelensky and his wife posed for Vogue Magazine despite Teen Vogue’s nasty,  long history of featuring those who support BDS and malign Israel.  Camera.org has repeatedly exposed their disgusting Jew and Israel hate.  He also does not appear to have adequate knowledge of, or a moral compass regarding the Holocaust. The Times of Israel, “Zelensky also enraged Israeli lawmakers…tear into Zelensky for Holocaust comparisons in Knesset speech…Zelensky also distorted the part his country played in the murder of Jews,” they said, according to the Ynet news site.”

I24 Israel News, “Israel’s Ambassador to Ukraine Michael Brodsky slammed the government of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for backing a United Nations resolution urging the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to “urgently” arbitrate on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on the side of the Palestinians….“By coopting the court,” Israel’s UN Ambassador Gilad Erdan said, “the Palestinians are given the perfect excuse to continue boycotting the negotiating table to perpetuate the conflict.”  Algemeiner, “The countries that provide Ukraine with 90 percent of its aid, and maybe even more, voted against or abstained. And Ukraine, which has been asking Israel for military aid and air defense systems for months in a row, voted ‘yes.’”

Ukraine badly needs a moral compass. I suggest the next time Ukraine delegates or Zelensky are in town, (perhaps to pose for Vogue again), they get one at any Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Ginette Weiner,
Scottsdale, AZ

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