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Letters to the Editor

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Harmful Rhetoric of Leftists

Dear Editor:

Why are the eyes of so many Jews, American ones, closed to the harmful rhetoric of Leftists regarding their hatred of Israel? We have Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and even our own AOC bashing Israel and its achievements whenever they’re discussing Israel’s “apartheid” state? where are the other Jewish congresspeople to shut them up or at least to rebuke them? Most of them are running for re-election this week and Jews will vote for them without thinking about the ramifications of their votes.

It’s time we started outing them out…to let voters know their stances on Israel and Jewish issues at home. We are losing our security right here in America as German Jews did in Germany in 1932. And no one seems to care. A shame.

Norma Goldman


Laments Lack of Support for Dems

Dear Editor,

I’m astounded at the chutzpah of the Republicans to refer to President Biden as an enemy of Israel. He has supported the Jewish State all through his many years in the Senate and for the past two years in the White House. And there has never been a better president other than Obama to back up Israel against its enemies. All Trump did was to mouth backing for Israel while sitting on his hands when they needed help.

During this election campaign the best supporters of Israel were the Democrats under Schumer and Pelosi. When votes were needed in their chambers for the Jewish state, they spoke up and rounded up the votes to give Israel funds, military equipment and support.

It’s outrageous that your paper does not give the Democrat party backing that it deserves for looking out for Israel and the Jewish people.

Jerome Brodnick


Terrified to Ride the NYC Subways

Dear Editor:

I just came home from my office in Manhattan by subway and I’ve never been so frightened as I was during my ride. Six minority “youths” ambled slowly through the cars, singing, throwing potato chips at passengers, calling them “white MF’s and terrorizing us all, even the African-Americans in their seats. They were just nuts and out of control. No cop in sight. These “youths” could have wiped us all out. No one said a word. All fearful of inciting them further. Even with Mayor Adams (who rides the subways with a squad of cops as protectors) promising safety in the subways, we’re losing the quality of life we once had. And it’s getting worse.

Evelyn Horn


The Latest Flavors of Anti-Semitism

Dear Editor:

Mainstream media is rapidly meeting the criteria for negligent homicide. Tucker Carlson not only gave a platform to, and therefore legitimacy to, Kanye West’s vile lies about Jews, but as reported by several reliable media outlets, Carlson knew about West’s hate speech beforehand and simply edited it out, and never expressed any regret.

“Promoting Jew-Hatred Must Have Serious Consequences”, Micha Danzig. “During an interview with Chris Cuomo on “NewsNation,” Ye (West) referenced a “Jewish underground media mafia,” and argued that “every celebrity has Jewish people in their contract.” And in almost all of his interviews since his infamous “Death-Con 3” tweet, Ye has repeated his Nation of Islam/Louis Farrakhan-based assertion that black people cannot be anti-Semitic, stating that “we are Semite, we Jew, so I can’t be anti-Semite.” Notably, as Ye was repeatedly referencing a Black Supremacist-based conspiracy theory popularized in certain circles by Louis Farrakhan (which seeks to erase Jewish identity and history, claiming that Jews stole their identity from black people) white supremacists from the Goyim Defense League were making Nazi salutes above signs draped over the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles that stated, “Kanye is right about the Jews.”

And then this, “Brooklyn Nets’ Kyrie Irving Defends Post Promoting Anti-Semitic Film.” West and Irving and many others who spew Farrakahan’s Jew hate as facts, also openly deny they hate Jews or anyone, wish us all peace and love on earth and then double down on the worst lies about Jews and our history. This deadly denial enables the Jew hate to be spread under the guise of just “facts”, divorced from any harmful consequences to actual living Jews.

The intersectional mob of perpetual victims love to blame Jews and Israel for all the world’s and these Arabs’ woes while hiding under the guise of just being ‘humanitarian’, are quick to deny they are Jew haters but simply hate Israel and want to see it destroyed. If this isn’t the definition of negligent homicide, then we need a new definition.

Ginette Weiner,
Scottsdale, AZ


In the Aftermath of the Elections

Dear Editor,

By the time this letter gets into your paper, if you select it, the election in NY and the rest of the country will be on paper and open to all to reflect on. I hope it shows the American voter is not as stupid as the candidates they will vote for. John Fetterman is a sad joke but the Democrats who will vote for him in Pennsylvania are dumber than dirt. The sad case for this guy is that at this moment, he’s not ready for any job, be it Senator or bagger at the supermarket. He’s brain damaged through he impact of a stroke and may not recover at all. And the voters, Democrats, cheer him on as if he’s healthy. They know the facts but are incapable of thinking it through.

In NY we have Lee Zeldin challenging Kathy Hochul, the incumbent and the race, at the time of this writing is even. Don’t the voters know of the crimes committed in the state under the no-bail laws she supports? Are they unaware of the attempted assassination of Zeldin by a guy who was let out to roam the streets just a day after he committed the crime? Are they so stupid not to know that they, themselves may be a victim of the lunacy laws of their state? To tell the truth, they all know the facts but are too stupid or loyal to their party to change their votes for the better candidate; the one who will support and defend them an their families. Let’s see what happens and I hope we are not shedding tears at the results.

Shirley Tannen

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