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Letters to the Editor

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A Cure For Homelessness

Dear Editor:

Free societies, such as ours, are always a delicate balancing act between the rights of the individual and the rights of society, and in my view, today, the rights of society are being trampled on.  It is not an act of kindness to enable and permit those with serious mental illness, off their psychotropic meds, who are self medicating with alcohol or drugs, to permit drug addicts or alcoholics to live on the sidewalk or in public parks, shoot up drugs, and defecate on the sidewalks.  We are failing them. And by the way, that is my sidewalk too.

Psychotropic medications to treat severe mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia became available in the 1970’s.  With these new medications, many of the state-run psychiatric hospitals, which were actually disgusting and abusive, were closed. Each state then got a federal block grant of money to be used to provide services in the community for the newly released mentally ill. So what happened? Most states didn’t fully fund out-patient mental health clinics or group homes or treatment, and what we saw was an almost overnight population of homeless mentally ill folks released from the hospital with nowhere to go.  I lived in Manhattan when this happened. I couldn’t even walk down the sidewalk without being accosted by someone mumbling to themselves, or yelling at me as I walked by or sleeping on the sidewalk.

We need to pass laws stating you cannot live in public parks, or on sidewalks. Period. This then enables mental health deputies and police to legally give you a choice: the shelter or jail.  Both shelters and jails need to be transformed into treatment centers. Upon admission, we provide a comprehensive evaluation of your medical, psychiatric and substance abuse needs. We fully fund meaningful treatment inside the shelters and jails and when appropriate, court ordered, mandated treatment. We provide rehab counseling, case workers, subsidized housing with staff on premises, and job training for reintegrating back into society. That is true compassion and supports successful outcomes both for the individual and for society.

Ginette Weiner
Scottsdale, AZ


Biden is of Sound Mind

Dear Editor,

A letter in your October 21st edition, lambasted and accused President Biden, “Biden in Rapid Decline.” Obviously written by a Trumper, without knowledge or experience with aging individuals. I am a certified social worker, having worked for many years with older individuals who show signs of brain damage through their behavior, actions and memory losses. I can claim, as a professional, that our president is as vigorous mentally and stable in his functioning as any person many years younger than he.

Biden is cheerful, never flies off the handle and apparently is on camera many times a week and in front of cheering audiences daily. Of course, as an eighty year old, he needs his rest but that doesn’t compromise his behavior or his actions. Look how off the wall Trump always is and no one claims he’s out of his mind, which I as a proud professional in the field of mental disorder, believe he really is. Get of Biden’s back and let him take America to its heights as he already has. He’s not mentally disabled, he’s doing just great. Let him work in peace.

Andrea Horowitz
Queens, NY


Attack on Paul Pelosi Leaves Unanswered Questions

Dear Editor:

The recent attack on Paul Pelosi and the reporting on the incident leaves many questions unanswered. How accurate and truthful will the police reports be? Will we ever know the truth about it, like the Hunter laptop scenario? Just how did the attacker get into this mansion owned jointly by Paul and his wife, Nancy? The Pelosis are multi millionaires, political rock stars and they had no security around their estate? Was the attacker homeless? What was his previous arrest  record, if he had one?

Will he be released on “no bail” as thousands of other San Francisco criminals are? And let the country know that all of us can and may be victims of a criminal system rigged to benefit the thugs and no one, no matter how rich, famous, Woke and Progressive can claim immunity and safety from this wave of evil.

Next thought: How can we believe any police reports from the SF police since they’ve been under the thumb of the corrupt Democrat political machine that has run that den of iniquity since the earthquake of 1906? Consider that the election is less than a week away and sure as hell,  teary eyed, sympathetic to the Pelosi’s info will be concocted to influence the national vote with reports of Republican attempts to do away with Nancy, the leader of the House Democrats. We can see the New York Times’ headline now: “Republicans attempt to assassinate Pelosi!”

And let’s consider the possibility that this “event” was planned for political purposes. Pity will be thrown into the political process, sure as hell. And don’t for a minute, think the Dems are not working up a campaign to use it as one.

Leonard Kravitsky
Boca Raton, Florida


Thinks Pelosi Story is Phony

Dear Editor,

This Paul Pelosi story could not be more phony than the one where the police mishandled and covered up his drunken rampage into another car some time ago. Obviously, the San Francisco police, who are already having trouble dealing with this new messy scenario are going to be badly hurt when the true story comes out about this fake attempt at kidnapping his wife, Nancy. It was obviously a lover’s quarrel between him and this “intruder.”

Initially, it was reported, both were in their underwear, running all over the house, in the elevator, in the bathroom, in the bedroom. Paulieboy was permitted by this “intruder” to use the phone to call the cops. The pictures of the “crime scene” showed broken door glass outside of the residence, indicating it was smashed from the inside. The victim and the perp were grappling with hammers until the police arrived and so on and so on. Endless lies.

No way will we ever get the true story from the SFPD who are under Nancy’s control and Paulieboy will continue to get front page notices until Nancy gets a hit-man to rub this guy out.

Jerry Gordon
Amityville, NY


We MUST Vote for Zeldin!

Dear Editor,

I’d appreciate it if this letter to your readers were published to let them know how important the Jewish vote will be to get Lee Zeldin elected to the governorship of New York. Sadly to say, our vote usually goes to the person with the “Big D” after his/her name on the ballot. Voting for another term for Hochul in this election will merely have her continue the rapid demolition of our state. She’s failed on crime, taxes, education and keeping our businesses open for business during and after the Covid mess.

She is totally inept while Congressman Zeldin has kept his pre-election promise to vote for and care for people’s needs. He’s not a primadonna who is out for glory. Nor is he a follower of anyone. He’s proven his common sense and decency with his congressional votes against higher taxes, for good schools and for the defense of this country that he served so well. He’s actually the only choice we have to save our sinking state. And Jews have the most to gain from his governorship. So, let’s get out the vote in our families for Lee Zeldin.

Rose Schippler

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