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Jewish Voice Endorsements for Election 2022 – Make Your Voice Heard, Vote on Nov 8th!  

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By: TJVNews.com

There is no debate that the public is dissatisfied with the state and national governments and wants change.  There will be no change as long as one party runs Washington and Albany. The city is being torn apart by crime. People live in fear and the city’s economy is headed into a recession. A group of Democratic ideological progressives in one-party Albany’s state lawmakers from changing the bail law to give the state’s Judges the power to impose bail to repeat career criminals and place those with serious mental illness in hospitals. It is time to vote for that reason alone, the Jewish Voice says vote against Democratic candidates for change, public safety, and economic hope.

The Jewish Voice endorses the following candidates that support changing the bail law to reduce crime, helping small business, lowering taxes, and improving our quality of life.

For Governor – Rep Lee Zeldin  – Republican

For State Comptroller – Thomas DiNapoli – Democrat

Tom DiNapoli for State Comptroller. Photo Credit: sc.state.ny.us

For State Attorney General –  Michael Henry – Republican

United States Senator – Joe Pinion – Republican

US House of Representatives – Nicole Malliotakis  – Republican

Justice of the Supreme Court – Ellen M. Spodek – Republican


45th Assembly District

Midwood, Manhattan Beach, Brighton Beach, Gravesend, and Sheepshead Bay

Steven Cymbrowitz – (D/Democratic Party)

Steven Cymbrowitz for NY Assembly on the 45th District. Photo Credit: Twitter

46th Assembly District

Coney Island and Sea Gate, as well as parts of Bay Ridge, Brighton Beach and Dyker Heights

Alec Brook-Krasny (R / Conservative Party)

47th Assembly District

Bensonhurst, Gravesend, Bath Beach, Dyker Heights and Midwood

Dmitriy Kugel (R / Conservative Party)

48th Assembly District

Neighborhoods of Borough Park and Midwood 

Simcha Eichenstein (D / Conservative Party)

Simcha Eichenstein for NY Assembly in the 48th District. Photo Credit: Twitter

17th State Senate District

Bath Beach, Bensonhurst and Sunset Park

Vito LaBella (R / Conservative Party)

22nd State Senate District

Boro Park, Midwood, Sheepshead Bay and Madison

Simcha Felder (D / R / Conservative Party)

Simcha Felder for NY State Senate. Photo Credit: nysenate.gov

U.S. Congress

8th Congressional District

Bed Stuy, East NY, Bath Beach, Sheepshead Bay, Brighton Beach & Coney Island

Yuri Dashevsky (R / Conservative Party)

9th Congressional District

Crown Heights, East Flatbush, Flatbush, Midwood and Kensington

Menachem Raitport (Conservative Party)

10th Congressional District

Greenwich Village, Lower Manhattan, Brooklyn Height, Park Slope and Boro Park

Benine Hamdan (R / Conservative Party)

11th Congressional District

Staten Island and parts of Bay Ridge

Nicole Malliotakis (R / Conservative Party)

Vote ‘No’ on the Three Dangerous ‘Equity’ Proposals that Former Mayor de Blasio Put on NYC Ballot

The measures, a parting gift from a mayor who made almost everything in his city worse, would amend the charter — effectively New York City’s constitution — to embrace “racial justice and equity” as a “stated value” of municipal governance.

New Yorkers have heard this song before, in 2019, when a “racial justice and equity” argument supported the state penal-code “reforms” now driving the city’s crime wave. Does anybody think a second chorus would be a good idea?

Indeed, embracing “racial equity” as a municipal “stated value” could sink any realistic hope of rolling those “reforms” back. Beyond that, voter approval would undermine New York’s civil-service system, create discord in city offices and further hobble public education by further eroding objective scholastic testing.  At the same time — and maybe this is the real point — approval would mean a bonanza for the city’s activist lawyers, lobbyists and race-mongering advantage-seekers.


Who are the Candidates in This Year’s Elections?

Lee Zeldin for Governor

Lee Zeldin says he will declare a crime emergency on his first day in office to suspend the liberal bail law. He vowed to remove Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg for refusing to do his job, picking and choosing the laws he deems worth enforcing. Zeldin has pledged to reduce state taxes by getting rid of government waste. On energy, Zeldin will end the ban on natural-gas extraction from fracking, and approve new gas pipelines. New York simply can’t continue like this: surging crime, sky-high taxes, political corruption, and an anti-business/anti-jobs climate. No wonder hundreds of thousands have fled these last few years. The good news: New Yorkers can change all that — by voting for Lee Zeldin.


Michael Henry for NYS Attorney General

Michael Henry for NY Attorney General – Photo Credit: michaelhenryforag.com

While New York faces a crime crisis, the current AG sued the NYPD and introduced legislation that would make it harder for law enforcement to do their jobs.  How can you be the chief law enforcement officer in the state when you don’t believe in law enforcement? Michael Henry feels the attorney general’s office has been used as a stepping stone to the governorship for far too long and he is hoping to change that. “I, as a political outsider, and not a career politician, want to restore a level of competency, efficiency, and integrity to the office that I believe it’s lacking,” Henry said. “I believe this office could do a lot of good for the people of the state of New York and it’s been more used as a stepping stone for politicians than it has been to do the work of the people,” he added.


Joe Pinion for U.S. Senate

Joe Pinion for US Senate – Photo Credit: joepinion.com

Joe Pinion is running for U.S. Senate because our state and our country are in trouble. For too long, career politicians like Chuck Schumer have failed the 99%, choosing instead to serve their political cronies and own self-interests. In Chuck Schumer’s rise to power and fame as a leader of the Senate, he left the rest of us behind, choosing to serve as a loyal leader of the extreme radicals in Washington rather than side with us.

Addressing the poverty crisis is of top priority for Pinion. He has witnessed firsthand the failures of the government’s response to crime, poverty and COVID-19. Pinion claims that “poverty has reached a state of emergency” and promises to affirm “that reading is a human right for every single child that calls this nation home.” By challenging career politicians like Chuck Schumer, Pinion strives to return the power to regular Americans, rather than continue the Democrats’ pattern of caving to special interest groups.

Pinion will bring real conversations to the Senate “about poverty, about criminal justice, about children who simply deserve the full benefit of American opportunity [and] about closing the opportunity gap that has existed in this nation for far too long.” Pinion will fight to “Rebuild the Dream” of Dr. Martin Luther King and restore the American dream for all Americans. The Jewish Voice strongly urges all New York voters to support Joe Pinion for United States Senate.


Nicole Malliotakis for Congress, 11th District (Staten Island and Southern Brooklyn)

Nicole Malliotakis, has a solid record of supporting law enforcement and securing our nation’s borders. And, with Republicans near-certain to win control of the House this November, she’d be New York City’s only member of the majority — and so vital to protecting Gotham’s interests in Washington. Max Rose ousted a GOP incumbent to win the seat in 2018, only to have Malliotakis oust him in 2020. And while state lawmakers tried to make the district lean further left to help him this year, the courts tossed out the Democrats gerrymandered lines and imposed fair maps instead, so the 11th CD remains about the same. Nicole Malliotakis is a sensible moderate Republican who stands clearly with the district’s majority (and the state’s) on everything from crime to the economy to education. She’s the clear choice for NY-11 voters this November.


Nick La Lota for Congress, 1st District Long Island

Voters in the first congressional district can be proud when they cast their vote for Republican Nick LaLota.  The new NY1 includes all of Huntington, Smithtown, Port Jefferson, and the five East End Towns, and is currently represented by Lee Zeldin, who is running for Governor.  LaLota is a longtime Suffolk governmental leader – having served as a Village Trustee of Amityville, Suffolk Commissioner of Elections, and currently as Chief of Staff to the Suffolk Legislature.  He is a US Navy veteran and graduated from the US Naval Academy in Annapolis.


Andrew Garbarino for Congress, 2nd District Long Island

The race for US Congress in the 2nd District (Babylon, Islip, Patchogue) pits Republican Congressman Andrew Garbarino against Democrat challenger Jackie Gordon.  The race is a repeat of the election from two years ago, when Garbarino defeated Gordon by 25,000 votes. Garbarino has been a solid, and often courageous, advocate for Long Island.  He served four distinguished terms in the NYS Assembly. In Congress.


Mike Lawler for Congress, 17th Congressional District

As an Assemblyman, Mike Lawler has fought one-party control in Albany to reduce the state’s onerous tax burden, bring fiscal discipline to its budget, secure additional funding for law enforcement and first responders, craft legislation to improve public safety, encourage economic growth, and fully fund our schools. In the latest sign that New York voters are fed up with Democrats ignoring the core crime and inflation issues that mean the most to them heading into the polls on Nov. 8, Republican challenger Mike Lawler has a real chance to topple the House Democrats’ chief campaign chief, five-term incumbent Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney. The new 17th Congressional District includes all of Rockland County, the northern half of Westchester County, all of Putnam County and a sliver of Dutchess County.

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