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FDNY Trains Staff at the Jewish Foundation School in Lifesaving Skills

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FDNY Trains Staff at the Jewish Foundation School in Lifesaving Skills

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On November 14, 2022, at the Jewish Foundation School of Staten Island located in the Willowbrook section of Staten Island, under the leadership of Principals Rabbi Yaakov Wasser and Mrs. Ruth Garber the New York Fire Department (FDNY) Academy Safety Instructors Elvis Velez and Elis Joseph trained the Rabbeim, teachers and Staff in lifesaving skills and in CPR.

Rabbi Yaakov Wasser stated, “that we at the Jewish foundation School take education seriously and we strive to constantly explore ways and the best practices to best educate our students in Torah and general studies. However, we have an additional responsibility to be prepared to be able to help our students under our care in any way that we can. To that end, I thank Instructor Velez and Instructor Joseph from the FDNY Fire Academy who took time from their busy teaching schedule at the Fire Academy to come to our Yeshiva and educate our teachers and staff in lifesaving skills and CPR. We Daven that these skills should be purely academic, but we have a responsibility to be prepared and knowledgeable in these important life saving skills. I am proud to say we met this responsibility thanks to the FDNY and we appreciate the efforts of the FDNY and we thank them for the care and help in their valuable instruction.”

Mrs. Ruth Garber stated that, “she fully agrees with Rabbi Wasser’s assessment” and emphasizes, “that as a parent I always wanted my Yeshiva’s teachers and staff to be top of the line educators as well as people who are proficient with CPR and other lifesaving techniques. This knowledge gives me peace of mind as a parent that my child is cared for both spiritually, emotionally and physically. As a principal and educator this is the type of environment I strive to accomplish for our students at the Jewish Foundation School. On behalf of JFS, I thank our good friend Mendy Mirocznik, president, Council of Jewish Organizations of Staten Island for reaching out the FDNY and for facilitating for Safety Instructors Elvis Velez and Elis Joseph coming to JFS and for training our teachers and staff.”

Mendy Mirocznik, president, COJO remarked, “what I appreciate the most is that the Jewish Foundation School under its current leadership team headed by Rabbi Wasser and Mrs. Garber are concerned about one thing the most and that is the best way to teach and educate the children under their supervision and care. Rabbi Wasser and Mrs. Garber teach by example and they took time from their busy professional development day in learning CPR and other important lifesaving skills.

Their philosophy is that a Rebbi, Teacher and Staff member must be ready for any challenge or development that may arise in school and classroom. I truly am amazed to what length they go in accomplishing this important goal which is a way of professional life for these great educators. This secret weapon is what makes the Jewish Foundation Schools so special and near and dear to all those who come into contact with them. COJO respects the work of JFS and we appreciate the service, dedication and devotion of the FDNY. Instructors Velez and Joseph truly personify the finest of New York’s Bravest and COJO appreciates and values our relationship and partnership with the FDNY. We look forward to further collaboration with the FDNY that will continue to advance the quality of life for the people who call our wonderful  borough home.”


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