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Climate Blackmail Affecting Thee and Me

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If  you thought that this nation was already too deep in the mud of hand-wringing and self disgrace and shame, pleading for lesser nations to forgive us for our prosperity, successes and freedoms, fuggedaboudit! We’re still on our knees in repentance, begging the less-thans to take more of our self created economic well being away from us in reparations. At the most recent Climate Summit comedy gathering in Egypt, where the participants deplaned from their individual private jets and limousined themselves into 10-star resorts, Joe Biden’s representatives agreed to pay poor nations big bucks for supposed damages caused by America’s carbon emissions. This theme-subject belongs on Seinfeld and taken just as seriously. The soaking of Americans to pay for the lunacy of our climate policy keeps getting worse.

The latest scam related to this false claim surrounding “man made climate change,” is a total shakedown of Americans for reparations for developing nations, and this appears to be the cry of and demands of the lunatic climate justice advocate progressives, many of whom reside in the greatest, wealthiest, hard working, self made nation in the world… right here in the USA. But our greatness is not what John Kerry, our own Biden appointed U.S. Special Climate Envoy thinks. He has claimed that since poorer countries contribute less to global warming via emissions and suffer more from the floods, droughts and severe weather that supposedly result from it, they deserve paychecks from nations like ours that “have made it.”

Wealthy nations, whose citizens have prospered from capitalism, science, education, low cost affordable carbon based energy and mostly their ingenuity, must now open their wallets to compensate poorer nations for their backwardness and inefficient and corrupt leaderships. The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board states, “all of this ignores the benefits for humanity, rich and poor, that economic growth spurred by capitalism has provided. American taxpayers are being asked to pay because the U.S. industrialized first and then lifted billions of people out of poverty via investment and trade.” We’ll also add that our nation, with the use of fossil fuels contributing to our superlative productive capacity, built the weapons and created the technology that kept the world free since WW1 and thereafter. Without our skillful use of our carbon based energy resources, we could never have been the planet’s policeman and savior. Reparations for being modern and raising the standards for all? No way!

Nonetheless, the spokespeople and representatives of poor countries claim that since they allegedly will be the most impacted by rising seas and other unscientific repercussions of “Man made global warming,” they’re entitled to financial compensation paid to them by wealthier (more energetic, prosperous) countries. The Associated Press calls it, “calamity cash” or “climate debt.” It’s basically, socialism, gone wild. Is there any guarantee that the funds given them will raise their standards of living? Will reparations be given to terrorist funding nations, Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea and Pakistan? Throw in….China.

The good news is that the newly elected House, majority Republican, will not approve of this Biden feel-good effort to make loser nations love us. We continue to feel that the claims of man made climate change are unscientific, with little evidence to show. Rather, let’s open up the spigots to the petroleum and gas deposits that we already have beneath our own soil and continue to prosper as a free, modern and healthy nation and let’s forget about paying penance and reparations merely for the sin of being prosperous. We’ve been G-d blessed and want to continue that way.

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