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Billionaire Hedge Fund Chief Ken Griffin Laments Negative Impact of “Woke” Education on Kids

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Billionaire Hedge Fund Chief Ken Griffin Laments Negative Impact of “Woke” Education on Kids

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As the woke, progressive ideological camp continues to gain enormous traction across the country and around the world,  the New York Post reported on Thursday that billionaire hedge fund CEO Ken Griffin had plenty to say about what he perceives to be its deleterious effects on society and especially on the impressionable minds of young people.

As woke policies are often taught in schools throughout the United States, Griffin said that the children being instructed in it are being “crushed” and complained that those in his own family have been caught up in it, according to the Post report on Thursday

in a conversation that took place on Monday with Miami Mayor Francis Suarez that was hosted by The Economic Club of Miami, Griffin said,  “My children went to a phenomenal school in Chicago … but their indoctrination in woke ideology was crushing, “ the Post reported.

Griffin revealed how woke, progressive policies have directly impacted his own kids’ education in the video that was made on Monday and obtained by The Post.

“They came home very confused about whether or not the United States was a good country,” Griffin said, the Post reported. “And they came home confused about what they could or couldn’t say to a student who was Asian or otherwise of color.

“My son was reprimanded for telling an Asian student he was good at math — for stereotyping,” Griffin continued, according to the Post report.  “And it’s unbelievable to see how that destroys the minds of children who are otherwise innocent and good and don’t think about these kinds of things.” Griffin said.

“Watching them transform here in school in Miami is perhaps the greatest gift Miami has given my family,” he added, The Post reported.

Earlier this week, Bloomberg reported earlier on Griffin’s comments during the Monday interview that  included his insistence that “taxes weren’t part of our decision to come to Florida,” instead saying the state has “great schools, a great environment and your streets are safe and clean,” The Post reported.

Griffin heads up the lucrative hedge fund, Citadel and his headquarters had been located in Chicago for many years. This past summer Griffin moved the Citadel home base from its sight in the Windy City to Florida and many have speculated that tax reductions served as his an incentive for relocating venues.

In order to answer the insidious woke phenomenon, Griffin donated $100 million to Republicans this election cycle, the Post reported.

Also contained in the video of the interview were Griffin’s opinions on the plan to unionize school principals in Chicago.  The Post reported that he believes this move will further damage children’s educations.

“It’s heartbreaking to see the lost battle,” he lamented, the Post reported.

Griffin’s totally honest and forthright comments were a surprise to those attending the event, as the hedge fund maven is known for his wordy breakdowns of financial markets. Those gathered thought he would strike a more measured tone, according to the Post report.

“I’d never seen Ken go so strong on politics and wokeness before,” one attendee told The Post.

The Post also reported that Griffin said he observed that his many years of philanthropic contributions in Chicago which focused on supporting low-income and underprivileged groups had been “undermined by incredibly poor policies was soul-crushing.”

Griffin blamed elected officials in Chicago and Illinois for lax policies that let criminals out of jail easily. “The city is engulfed in anarchy,” Griffin said, the Post reported.

By moving his company to Florida, Griffin returned to his roots as he was born in Daytona Beach, the Post reported. Currently, he is the wealthiest man residing in the Sunshine State with an estimated net worth of $30 billion, according to Bloomberg’s Billionaire Index and as reported by The Post.

He has plans to construct a massive office for Citadel that could cost nearly $1 billion in Florida. He has also acquired an impressive real estate portfolio — pouring $450 million into a Palm Beach property and dropping more than $100 million on a Miami mansion, the Post reported.

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