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Friday, January 27, 2023

Letters to the Editor

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Believes Trump is a “Real Leader”

Dear Editor,

I’m shocked that the Democrat Party is still in the running in any election race in the country. What do they have to run on? Crime is out of control, inflation is climbing at a record pace with food costs increasing to way above 20%, gas is sky high, illegal immigration is in the millions per year, we’re on the verge of war with Russia and we’re being told by the media that the Dems might still end up controlling both houses of Congress. Is this madness or what? Where is the common sense of the average voter? Where are the leaders of the Republican Party to speak up to tell us what’s really going on nationally and internationally?

I feel that only President Trump can communicate with the people as a real leader in this situation. He has never been a true “politician” who tells people only what they want to hear. Our only salvation is to kick the Dems out of office in November and support and elect Donald Trump as our president again in 2024. What we’re headed for at this moment is sheer disaster. It’s time to “Wake up America!”

Heshy Silver


Is the World at the Brink of War?

Dear Editor:

Are we at the brink of war? Look at North Korea firing missiles right over Japan. The Ukraine situation gets worse each day with Putin threatening to use nukes and Biden threatening to respond even though we have no interests in the region. We’re told that our own military is depleted of personnel and few kids are signing up to protect us. Our navy is decrepit, out of date. Our army is giving all of its munitions to Zelensky and our air force is spread all over the globe. We are sitting ducks for our enemies. North Korea, China, Russia and Iran are watching us like hawks, ready to swarm all over us. I’m worried as you all should be.

Sandy Hausner


Loyal Democrat Despite Being Shunned

Dear Editor:

I guess I’m one of the few readers of your paper who is a pure and simple Democrat. My father was a FDR devoted supporter and went along with the ideas of the party. I’m still loyal to them. I have to overlook some things I’m not happy about, like the ideas of some of them that go against my Jewish upbringing. I choose to stay a Democrat although my family basically shuns me at events. Why can’ we all get along? Why can’t conservatives understand that we cannot always make quick changes in the way we think and do things? The world would be better place if only we could sit down and discuss our differences like normal people. I’m tired of being called a “Jew hating Jew.”

Richard Wellman


Overt Bigotry by a Top Elected Official

Dear Editor:

Is Vice President Kamala Harris out of her mind? Or rather are those Democrats who put her in her position by virtue of their votes regretting their choices of Biden and Harris to lead us? Shame on all those voters who cast their ballots for these two nut jobs. Harris just came out to signal to all that blacks should be first in line for financial and all other assistance from Hurricane Ian? Is she for real? Scary that there was not one word of repudiation from her boss, President  Biden. We must then assume he and his authority to make this a reality support such overt, disgusting, obvious bigotry.

But where are the Republicans to denounce her? Where are the supposed voices of the moderates in her own party who should have called her out for such dangerous statements? Are they all fearful of being called “racists” for merely sticking up for democratic principles? The color of one’s skin should be considered in handing out relief funds contributed in taxes from all of us? Martin Luther King, were he alive today, would surely have lifted up his voice in condemnation of such bigotry on the part of our Vice President. And that we’ve reached a point of overt bigotry by a top elected leader and there’s no one to call her out. We’re headed for another Civil War, sure as hell.

Mort Hammer


While Rome Burns

Dear Editor:

I stopped wearing my Israel-America pin with its flags of both countries. Why? Because Israel needs to form new partnerships with countries of the future for its own safety.  America is releasing repeat violent offenders to reoffend, unable to put forth real solutions to our cities taken over by homeless, mentally ill, drug addicted populations, unable to come up with even one coherent plan for us to manage our borders. Even Obama and Bill Clinton both stated having open, unprotected borders is ill advised and unfeasible.

While China is gobbling up land, peddling influence in South America and Africa, and Russia aligns with the Islamic (genocidal) Republic of Iran, I read about America’s obsession with transgender surgeries for children, and putting tampons in boys bathrooms.  I hear all about misguided “equity” but not a word about society’s rights to safe streets, about demanding the broken culture of inner city youth who join gangs, who are a-social and who use violence as a way of life, come to a halt. I do not see the Obamas or the Clintons rolling up their sleeves and hanging out in our inner cities, talking to youth and parents about what can break this cycle of violence. BLM took tons of money but has done nothing for inner city youth.

The very fabric of our society is becoming unglued.  “A new Gallup poll documents a precipitous drop in Americans’ confidence across 16 major institutions, including historic lows for confidence in newspapers, the criminal justice system, big business, police, and all three branches of the federal government. The survey’s results represent the lowest overall institutional confidence ever recorded in its decades-long survey history, and not a single institution reflected an increase in confidence over last year’s measures. Only 7% of Americans have a “Great deal / Quite a lot” of confidence in Congress, while only 11% feel similarly about television news.”

So, while America continues to deteriorate, with no end in sight, it saddens me to see this once great country going so far into debt and deterioration from which it is unlikely to ever recover.

Ginette Weiner
Scottsdale, AZ


WH Press Secretary Not the “Brightest”

Dear Editor:

Is this new White House Press Secretary, Jeane-Pierre, up to the job? She looks like a kewpie doll on camera and acts like a complete idiot when confronting the press. Her latest, was to refer to Biden’s shout out to a dead congresswoman as a moment of having that deceased legislator on, “top of mind.” What in the world does that mean? I’ve never heard that phrase used. Watching her daily giving inane and incomplete answers about what’s happening in the White House and reading from prepared scripts without evidently knowing the facts, is unnerving.

She’s obviously there because she’s a black, gay woman. Surely, she was not selected for her brains. She has none. But, she’s typical of the Biden administration; dumb and loyal. Will we ever make it back to having real leaders in D.C.?

Barbara Stern
Merrick, NY

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