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Letters to the Editor

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Rep. David Cicilline is the Worst Choice for Chair of the Middle East Subcommittee

Dear Editor:

Just recently, Progressive Jewish Congressman David Cicilline won the subcommittee chair of the Middle East SubCommittee because of seniority and not by his achievements or record.

Le’sts review Congressman David Cicilline’s record when it comes to supporting the Jewish Community and Israel.

Congressman David Ciciline is endorsed by J-Street , supports re-opening a Palestine consulate in Jerusalem, supported the past Iran Deal, supports the new Iran Deal, didn’t support having the US Consulate in Jerusalem, went on CNN and said, “I see no evidence whatsoever in the Democratic Caucus or in the Democratic Party of anti-Semitism at all”, and supports the Boycott Divestment Sanctions movement.

How is this a good choice for the Middle East Subcommittee? The answer is simple: it’s not a good choice, in fact this is the worst thing that can happen to the committee.

Congressman David Ciclline cares more about being friends with Israel’s enemies than with Israel. In addition, what Congressman David Cicilline doesn’t understand is that Palestine and Iran dont want peace. What they really want is to see the Jewish people and Israel wiped off this planet.

I looked forward to the possibility of major changes coming when the Republicans take the house back this year.

 Russell Taub
 Foreign Policy Advisor
 Providence,  RI


Biden’s Constant State of Confusion

Dear Editor:

Did you see President Biden get lost last week after giving a teleprompter robo-speech in NYC? After the crowd roared in support of the words written by Susan Rice and Valerie Jarrett, he apparently got lost attempting to get off the stage. He walked to his right, confusedly waved his hands in utter confusion and frustration, then walked back to the podium, leaving the next speaker to lose his trend of thought to try to calm Biden down and give him directions to the stairs at the end of the stage. You couldn’t have seen a funnier act on Saturday Night Live.

What is to be of this guy when he meets world leaders who are well aware of his eroded, totally gone, mental condition? What words will he utter, off script that could jeopardize the safety and well being of each and every American citizen? Actually, he could get us all killed. Anything could come out of his mouth in his condition. Kamala, as stupid as she is, at least has her mind. Isn’t that sad?

Morris Feld


Illegal Aliens & Sanctuary Cities

Dear Editor:

Do the American people have the commons sense to see that the actions of Florida Governor De antis and Texas’ Abbott have the welfare and safety of all in their actions sending illegal aliens to cities and states that are official “Sanctuary Cities?” They are being threatened with criminal actions for sending illegals who were welcomed into our country by the Feds, left to rot in Texas and others dropped off in other states in the middle of the night and left to fend for themselves. How many of them are accountants, lawyers, doctors, plumbers, carpenters or mechanics? How many of them have high school educations? How many are diseased, ill and in need of medical care? Ask your local Democrat legislator or leader. See what he, she or it, says.

These governors are doing the right thing. They are making it a national issue, since the mainstream, progressive media has kept the images of these aliens at the Texas border where they swarm into our nation like bugs crawling into and out of walls. But these are real people with real needs that the government is ignoring. They only want them to come into this country to bankrupt us with preparing for and meeting their needs of housing, medical, schooling and feeding. Throw in their criminals which they are releasing to come in with the surge. We’ve just learned that Cuba and Venezuela and other nations have sent their criminal element to this country to rid their jails of them and have us suffer the professionalism of these criminals as they are let loose among us.

DeSantis and Abbott deserve our encouragement in what they are doing. They represent most of us and it’s our responsibility to stand up for and with them to protect them from the Leftist element that is calling their actions, “Illegal.”

Sam Horowitz
Jersey City, NJ


The New Female Victims

Dear Editor:

What does AOC, Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris & Eliz Warren have in common? AOC accuses America of not liking women of color and refusing to elect a female for president. No AOC, we would reject you because you lack basic knowledge of foreign and domestic affairs, have blood on your ignorant hands for calling for defunding police and smear Israel with your Squad.

Elizabeth Warren whines if she was a man, she would have been elected president. No Elizabeth, we didn’t vote for you because we don’t like you. We don’t like your phony persona. We reject your anti-Israel biased threats and your hard core, far left agenda.

Hillary Clinton laments her gender and blames it for her many failures. No Hillary, we didn’t elect you because we didn’t trust or really like you. We think you are unethical and will say and do whatever it takes to get ahead. You have a Nixon-like smell of distrust about you.

Kamala Harris loves to blame the media, her gender and color for any criticism of her. No, Kamala, we are critical of you because you are out of your depth and incompetent. You were put in charge of our borders yet when asked why you hadn’t even visited one border, you giggled and said, ‘well, I haven’t been to Europe either.’  We listen to you carefully. We hear and see you speak in gobbledygook, say nothing, babbling on sentences, repeating meaningless phrases over and over. We reject your obscene calling for Florida’s hurricane victims to be based on color and women first, rather than neediest.

America is ready and desperate for a female, a male, anyone who is articulate, well read, experienced and who can unite all of us, who is moderate and rejects the far left and the far right. Stop the whining. Take a good, hard look in the mirror. And go find a female worthy of our vote. Guess what: It’s not any of you.

Ginette Weiner
Scottsdale, AZ

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