Leftists turn violent while trying to shut down speech featuring conservative - The Jewish Voice
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Leftists turn violent while trying to shut down speech featuring conservative

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Bob Unruh(WND)

Leftists across America, including those in the Biden administration, have tried to slime concerned parents as domestic terrorists.

Joe Biden himself has said conservatives are “semi-fascist.”

Of course, back in the day, Hillary Clinton called them “deplorables.”

But those who actually riot, turning violent over the free speech of those who are conservative, apparently are leftists.

Popular commentator Todd Starnes reports that the violence occurred outside a Turning Point USA event at UC Davis in California.

“At least one conservative student was assaulted during the melee,” he reported.

It was black conservative Stephen Davis who was the keynote speaker, at an event that prompted as many as 100 protesters to clash.

“Conservatives were beaten and doused with pepper spray,” he reported. “Turning Point eventually canceled the speech over safety concerns.”

The organization said, “Our hearts go out to the student who was so viciously attacked, and we are truly saddened by the state of college campuses across the country. Speech is violence when it is an opposing ideology, but actual violence committed on behalf of radical leftists is time and time again permitted by institutions that used to value open dialogue.”

TPUSA co-founder Charlie Kirk pointed out that campus police simply couldn’t handle the crowd.

“Once again, outside ‘protestors’ with zero connection to our organization or students used violence to disrupt our campus free speech event. Reports from our field team indicate that the conflict began when Antifa showed up and provoked attendees entering the venue. As an official school affiliated club, TPUSA regularly hosts outside speakers, working in advance with administrators and campus police to ensure a safe environment for everyone involved.”

He continued, “Sadly, on this occasion, the bad guys won and rather than risk any further escalation of violence, our chapter leadership decided to cancel the event when it became apparent campus PD was unable to disperse the violent agitators outside while also keeping our students safe inside. This is a great loss for free speech, our speaker Stephen Davis, and for the students at UC Davis. TPUSA condemns all violence and refuses to be cowed by those who use threats and intimidation to stop conservatives on campus.”

Starnes’ report said, “The university condemned the violence but clearly did nothing to ensure that conservatives would be able to hold their event.”


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