Ex-Iranian Ambassador — Zionist Jews Plotting to Steal Prince Harry’s Wealth to Give to Jewish Kate - The Jewish Voice
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Ex-Iranian Ambassador — Zionist Jews Plotting to Steal Prince Harry’s Wealth to Give to Jewish Kate

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Deborah Brand

Iran’s former ambassador to Mexico and Australia, Mohammad Hassan Ghadiri-Abyaneh, has claimed the UK’s political parties, Royal Family, and economy are all controlled by Jews and Zionists.

He also accused those groups of plotting to secretly steal the inheritance destined for HRH Prince Harry and his “coloured” wife Meghan Markle, and give it to HRH Prince William and his “Jewish” wife Kate Middleton.

In the video translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), Ghadiri-Abyaneh made further claims.

He added the outrageous assertion the Talmud and Jewish law only permits Jewish women to marry non-Jews in the case where the men are rich or powerful in order to allow Jews to increase their wealth and influence.

Princess of Wales Catherine was for that reason, permitted to marry William, the Prince of Wales.

Despite speculation to the contrary, Princess Catherine is not Jewish.

Ghadiri-Abyaneh also claimed that when a Jew marries into a powerful non-Jewish family like the British royal family, members of the family start dying more often.

“In England and throughout Europe, as well as in America, the Zionists have an age-old influence, and they are present in all the political parties. They are the ones calling the shots. Especially with regard to the Middle East, the Zionists are the decision-makers,” he said.

“One grandson [Harry] married a somewhat colored [sic] American woman, and I think that in this case it is also part of their plan. They want [William] to replace [Harry]. Hence, I think that the Queen’s successor will be vulnerable to the Zionists’ schemes. Why? Because if he steps down, he is replaced by [the Queen’s] grandson [William], who has a Jewish wife.”

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