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Editorial –  Israel’s Weak Leadership Endangers Its Security

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Editorial –  Israel’s Weak Leadership Endangers Its Security

The peoples of every free and independent nation must be assured by their democratically elected government that their safety in the streets and national security will be protected. Most recently, we’ve sadly observed that neither is an actuality in Israel, now ruled by Yair Lapid, an utterly ineffectual and weak Prime Minister. Iranian leaning Lebanon and its ruling terrorist group, Hezbollah, have somehow managed to finagle Israel’s government to sign a dangerous maritime border deal involving the sharing of valuable undersea deposits of oil and natural gas, that will surely end disastrously as did the historic Oslo Accords Deal that was eventually ignored by its Palestinian signers. Although recognized as “partners” in this recent agreement, it is a safe bet that Israel’s unstable northern neighbor will surely not honor its word and turn against Israel with violence and terror. In strong arming Israel to sign the pact, Hezbollah’s leader, Hassan Nasrallah, threatened in August; “If the Lebanese state is not given what it wants, we will be heading to an escalation.” Read “war.” To all intents and purposes, the world views Israel’s signing as a capitulation. Let’s remind Prime Minister Lapid, who gushed over his “victory,” that Hezbollah is an militant/terror arm of Iran. Enough said.

In addition, domestically, during Lapid’s rather short term in office as interim PM, attacks against his own people, on their own land, within Israel, have skyrocketed out of control. The Palestinians are no longer intimidated by the strength of Israel’s military or police since Netanyahu’s departure. Just last week an Israeli soldier was shot and killed in an attack claimed by Palestinian terrorists. This killing comes just three days after an 18 year old Israeli soldier was killed at a checkpoint right smack in the heart of Jerusalem. Stabbings occur on a frighteningly daily basis. And last month Palestinian and Arab-Israeli terrorists wounded six Israeli troopers and a civilian when their bus was sprayed with bullets. Israelis are now targets of their Islamist enemies within Israel itself because of the weaknesses of the Lapid government. And it’s getting worse.

In Israel, the people unfortunately (stupidly) did not give Netanyahu an opportunity to rule them again and stand up to the terrorists who now seem emboldened to threaten the lives of innocent Israelis. Terrorists threatening to attack the Jewish state’s borders and Palestinians living within Israel and those in adjoining areas are killing, maiming and doing their terrorist thing undaunted by Israel’s meek retaliations.

Recently, we must note, and this may sound like a terror movie, “Jerusalem is Now Burning!” Last week, Arabs in the Wadi Joz and Ras al-Amud neighborhoods rampaged the areas, burning and looting. Jewish cars were stoned and the passengers terrorized. Thankfully, they escaped serious injury. In the city, fireworks were shot at Jewish homes and firebombs and flaming trash cans were heaved at responding policemen. Even Jerusalem’s Mayor Moshe Lion is not safe on his own streets. His car was hit by a rock thrown by Arab rioters in Ras al-Amud. A lesson hopefully to be learned.

The situation is out of control. So much so, that former PM Netanyahu stated: “I am strengthening the residents of Jerusalem who are facing violent rioters at this difficult time and the men and women of the security forces who are fighting them. This is the result of a weak government on all fronts, from Hezbollah’s threats to the neglect of the personal safety of Israeli citizens.” Israel misses his strong, vibrant leadership.

We agree with his comments totally and are praying for Israel’s current bunch of timid, scared leaders to finally show some strength to act against their enemies, whether domestic or international. Again, the basic responsibility of an elected leader is to see to the safety and security of his/her constituents. A lesson to be learned in the capital of Israel, Holy Jerusalem.

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