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Clean the NYC Streets of The Deranged Predators

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Violent crime perpetrated by violent criminals is now pandemic across the nation. We’ve written about it extensively before and called out our politicians who are vigorously and obviously ignoring the situation. Now we’re turning our focus on the crimes committed, not by violent career criminals, but by mentally ill individuals who have been permitted, again by the incompetence of our politicians, to be on the streets, lawless, obviously deranged and posing an additional threat to ordinary citizens who have the constitutional right to be protected from all criminals, sane or insane. And who bears the brunt of the failure of the system to keep them safe? You guessed it, the ordinary rank and file individual like you and me. Rich or poor, black or white, male or female, we are all jammed into the same victim filled boat. It’s time to put an end to the practice of giving the mentally ill free and easy access to the streets where they live, sleep and unfortunately prey on the innocent.

These crimes by the mentally ill can be prevented by keeping these unfortunate individuals behind closed doors while they are being treated. By being permitted to roam the streets they cannot be constantly monitored and kept from harming others or themselves. Back in January of this year, Martial Simon, obviously suffering from mental disorders and released from prison by our own DA Alvin Bragg, after he was judged to be “normal,” pushed Michelle Go in front of a speeding subway train, killing her.

Editor”s note: There is a reporting error in this story. The paragraph above was factually incorrect.

Simon Martial was at the Bronx Psychiatric Center, a state hospital, and was discharged in Queens in July 2021 (before DA Bragg was even elected in Manhattan). He was arrested in January following the subway push and immediately remanded to custody at our Office’s request. He was recently found unfit to stand trial, but remains remanded to custody – but now in a secure state hospital facility – until he is fit to proceed.

Crimes of all sorts, not necessarily murder, are committed by the mentally-ill-homeless countless times each day. You see it yourself as you walk, taxi or bus through the streets of Manhattan. Homeless sleeping in store or residential entrances, badgering, pestering and intimidating passersby or preventing customers from shopping. School children see this and are scared and confused. Why do we permit this behavior?

Albany has made baby steps to correct this wrong. They’ve strengthened Kendra’s Law, which makes it a bit easier to force the insane into treatment. They’ve also added a few bucks for psychiatric hospital beds which are now totally filled. The progressive NY politicians, those elected officials who make the laws are fearful of being hammered by their supporters those advocates for the “homeless,” who would call out and de-finance those making laws limiting “the rights” of these mentally ill by incarcerating them against their will. Shouldn’t our leaders have the sense of responsibility to safeguard all of their constituents? Are we missing something? Apparently not.

We speak out to those who make laws to stop outsourcing the treatment of the mentally ill to those so called “outreach” groups which claim to help these unfortunates who feel that forcing them into special treatment centers until they are capable of behaving normally and rationally is unconstitutional and barbaric. We also must also give the NYPD more leeway in determining just who is a threat by virtue of his or her erratic behavior or history when it comes to removing them from the streets into special shelters.

Our police know the streets and have dealt with the homeless most of whom are either mentally ill or on drugs. They should not be threatened with law suits accusing them of violating these people’s rights. Cops are now rightfully intimidated, fearful of being dragged into court, losing their jobs and themselves facing prison terms for weeding our streets of the threats of the deranged. We trust them all the way. Think about your safety and the everyday scenes of Manhattan when you vote for your elected representatives next month.

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